#1 Create Your Sermondo Listing – Step By Step!

Note: Before you can create your listing you need to register an account. Before we can approve your listing, you need to activate your account by checking your Email inbox for the activation link.  As you might already know, for amazon sellers, the “listing-optimization” is a crucial part if you you want to be found by your customers. The same rules apply to our directory! If you want to be found by potential customers, please follow these steps:

1. The Category

Pro Tip: You can choose one or more categories for your listing. Please focus on your main-services, as customers prefer specialized companies and experts, instead of somebody “who can do everything”.

2. Your Listing Title

Your title should contain:
  1. A brief description of your service(s) and 2. your company name (or your own Name if you are a freelancer)
Example: Strong converting Listing Optimization and copywriting services by John Doe Pro Tip: Keep it short and simple!

3. Description

This is your chance to tell your customer more about you, your company, your services and your expertise. Focus on the most important facts and real benefits. How can you deliver value to your customers? Why choose you and not the competitors? Is it the price, the quality, your outstanding expertise?

Be creative and try to stand out! In the description you can also add links to your website(s) along with contact data such as your e-mail address, Skype contact, phone number etc. You can also use formatting for headlines and bullet points.

4. Location

sermondo.com is a global directory, that means, it is mandatory to add your location. The Map will also be shown on your single-listing page.

5. Pictures Upload

Pro Tipp:  If you can’t find any own pictures, we recommend you use some free and customizable stock photos – which you can find here: canva.com

Profile Picture:

You can use your logo of your company, or, if you work as a freelancer, you may use a picture of you. Ideal size for your profile picture is 240x240px. For the map-view and the preview-card image your profile picture will be shown in a circle. (As seen below)

Cover Image:

As seen in the sample listing above, the Cover Image is your Header Image and represents you and your services. It’s also your preview Card Image (As seen below)

Gallery Image:

You can upload up to 8 gallery images, where you can show more details of you, your work, or your company. For example: If you’re an product photographer, you can show some of your best product pictures.

Video URL:

The best way to introduce yourself is through a short video. Tell us more about you, why should somebody work with you or use your services? Especially if you’re a freelancer or VA, it can be very helpful to get to know you!

 Social Networks and Website

Click on “Add” tochoose the Social Networks (and / or Website) that you want to add a Link to your Listing.   Do you need help? Anything unclear? Please feel free to contact us! We are glad to help you to improve your listing!

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