Service Description

We work with Amazon Sellers, Amazon Vendors, and Walmart Sellers to help them protect and grow their businesses. We offer the following services to our clients:

Amazon Seller Account Reinstatement
ASIN Reinstatement
Walmart Seller Account Reinstatement
Synthetic Arbitration®
Amazon AAA Arbitration
Brand protection including patent, copyright, and trademark registration
Pursuing intellectual property infringement claims

The ESQgo Solution: “SynArb®”

ESQgo®, PC founder Mario Simonyan has deep experience with Amazon – prior to founding our firm, he built and sold two, seven-figure businesses on Amazon. As a result, he knows how to navigate the dispute process and also understands the limitations that sellers face.

In looking for a way to better serve our clients, we created a unique solution that we refer to as Synthetic Arbitration® or “SynArb®” for short. SynArb® is a balance of creative problem-solving paired with aggressive advocacy. It is a proprietary process made just for clients of ESQgo®.

Rather than rely on Amazon’s internal seller departments and the arbitration process, we leveraged our knowledge of Amazon’s internal workings to open a side door. We first go to Amazon’s outside counsel with your dispute. In a firm, well-reasoned letter, we explain your dispute and the result that we expect. We inform them if we cannot get the issue resolved, we will demand arbitration.

SynArb® is faster and cheaper than arbitration and more effective in resolving complex disputes. Rather than spend a year following the arbitration process and spending thousands of dollars in fees and costs, we are able to resolve your dispute in much less time and at a fraction of the cost. Most importantly, we are able to get the result you need so that you can move your business forward.