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About Amazon Acquisition Companies - Aggregators & Brokers

FAQs About Amazon Aggregators & Brokers

An Amazon Business Aggregator is an investment business that usually consists of a team of Amazon and E-Commerce specialists. They buy multiple businesses and continue to run them. A Broker helps you find a buyer for your Amazon business and supports you during the transaction.

Selling an Amazon business can be tough. First of all you’d need to find an individual or company interested in buying your business for a certain price. You’d then have to figure out the exact process of handling the transaction, handing over your Amazon account, inventory or other assets such as a registered trademarks.

A professional Broker or an Amazon Aggregator will not only make the transaction much easier for you, they will also make sure that the legal part is sorted out precisely to prevent getting in a conflict afterwards. Comparing different offers from Aggregators will help you get the best valuation for your business!

Sermondo is a global E-Commerce Network of specialized service providers. Our experienced matchmakers will forward your request directly to eligible Aggregators or Brokers who will then reach out to you directly. This process is completely free for you.

The valuation and matching process consists of 3 simple steps:

  • You fill in the free matching form, describing your Amazon business.
  • Our matching experts will select the best Amazon Aggregators and Brokers for you or contact you to further assess what you really want and need.
  • Multiple Aggregators or Brokers will then reach out to you and help you get an estimate. You can then decide to continue the process with them or get back to us to receive another recommendation.


Aggregators are usually only interested in a certain type of Amazon business that checks all their strict requirements. A Broker on the other hand could help you find a buyer for your business who isn’t as strict or hasn’t got as much requirements. Using our free valuation service, we will send your information to multiple aggregators and brokers – they will reach out to you directly and give you more information!

Amazon Aggregators buy your business to keep it and to further expand it, hence there is no commission as they are the buyer. A Broker will help you find a great offer for your business and charge a commission in return. Since the Amazon Business Broker makes money from the commission, it’s in their own interest to find a high-paying buyer.

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