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About Ecommerce & Amazon Funding Payment Solutions

FAQs About Ecommerce Funding & Payment Providers

Cross-Border Payment Solutions like International Money Transfer Services are virtual global banks that provide you with local bank accounts in all major markets.

You can use these bank accounts to receive payments from various Amazon marketplaces in local currencies and easily manage your funds.

Ecommerce Funding provides Amazon sellers and other online retailers with the money they need to start an ecommerce business or to grow their existing business. Funds are generally provided by banks, investors or government grants.

On Sermondo, you can compare the best Cross-Border Payment Providers for Amazon Sellers. We know the Amazon seller industry and can help you pick the right choice for your individual needs. Simply use our Matching Service for that.

If you want to have a look on your own, you can also use our directory to search for Amazon Payment Provider.

The matching process on Sermondo consists of 3 simple steps:

  1. You fill in the free matching form, describing your needs and your current situation.
  2. Our matching experts will select the perfect match for you or contact you to further assess what you really want and need.
  3. You will be introduced to a Pacment Solution Provider. If you are not happy with the recommendation, you can also get back with us to receive another one.

Choosing the right provider that fits best to your personal needs is crucial. Things that should influence your decision should be whether they offer good support, are available in all major markets, offer reasonable pricing and have all the features you need. Be sure to evaluate your needs first so you can pick a Payment Provider that meets all of them.

The fees vary from Payment Provider to Payment Provider.

Since the main reason to use an intermediary payment service is to save fees, make sure the service has reasonable pricing.

There is no point in using a third party Payment Service Provider if the cost of its services outweighs the amount of money you save by using it.

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