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About Listing Translation Services For Amazon FBA Sellers

FAQ's About Amazon Listing Translations

An Amazon listing translation agency is a company that specializes in translating your Amazon product listings. Usually, such an agency employs many translators who can translate your listings from all languages where Amazon marketplaces exist into other languages and vice versa. Thus, these companies facilitate listing your products on all Amazon marketplaces worldwide.

Moreover, such agencies often employ not only simple translators, but these are also Amazon SEO and listing experts. Thus, they know exactly how to create content with relevant keywords that will convince customers to buy your product and make your listing appear high up in the search results.

Every Amazon seller should hire a professional translation agency, especially if you are not a native speaker of the language you want your listings translated into.

Although Google Translate, DeepL and similar applications have improved a lot in the last few years and provides better and better results, we strongly advise against simply translating your listings with online tools. Translation programs still make some mistakes, and since many words have multiple meanings depending on the context, a small translation error can give an entire paragraph the wrong meaning.

Any mistake in your listing, no matter how small, will make it look very dodgy and may discourage potential customers from buying your product.

Moreover, especially in advertising copy, tone of voice is of utmost importance to ensure that you are addressing your target audience correctly. Depending on the customer segment, a text should be written more or less formally.

The cost of a listing translation varies from provider to provider, and there is no universal pricing system. A common billing method is to charge a fixed price per word translated, which usually ranges from 5 to 30 cents per word, depending on where the translation company is located.

Some translation companies also charge a fixed price per translated listing.
If the translation is very urgent, you can usually request a faster turnaround time from most providers for an additional fee.

Translators must have excellent language, marketing and writing skills, which means they must understand your target audience and their cultural characteristics. The listing should not simply be translated word for word, but the translator must understand the intent and tone of the source text and be able to translate it exactly the same way into the new languages so that your brand speaks a consistent language across all marketplaces.

To this end, any good translation company will employ translators who can provide official certificates proving their language skills. The translation agency should have extensive experience with your product type and its respective vocabulary, especially if you’re selling in technical or medical product categories.

Finally, it is important that the translation agency emphasizes a fast turnaround time and professional workflows, which includes close personal contact with you.

It is best to ask the agency to send you some previous translation work they did, client lists or case studies so you can judge for yourself.

You send your translation agency the listings you need translated and keyword optimized and request an official service contract. After you have officially placed the order, you write a short briefing describing your positioning and target audience and all other things that are important for properly marketing your products. The agency then gets to work immediately.

When you work with an agency, your translation will go through several stages of proofreading. When it is ready, the final proofread and approved content is sent to you.

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