Service Description

Platform optimized infrastructure creation for Amazon, Walmart, and other marketplaces globally.

Case Management team with partner level access to resolve issues quickly.

Marketing & Content: Ads strategy, media planning & buying with proprietary API driven dashboards to maximize ROAS. CRO focused team.

Logistics: Inventory Management including forecasting.

Store Management: Marketplace stores and all associated logistics run for you, to ensure smooth and cost-effective sales.

Brand Management: Protecting your brand, your sales, and your reputation, and ensuring happy customers 24/7. Review Management: Programs to generate customer reviews. Use proactive and defensive tactics to prevent bad reviews.

Listing Monitoring & Management: 24-hour monitoring to ensure listings don't change or go down. If needed, we open up cases with Amazon & resolve them immediately.

Updating Listings: Continuously update & optimize listings to convert at a high rate.

About This Company

We help customers reach their maximum potential by delivering highly-specialized Amazon channel expertise tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

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