Service Description

Platform optimized infrastructure creation for Amazon, Walmart, and other marketplaces globally.

Case Management team with partner level access to resolve issues quickly.

Marketing & Content: Ads strategy, media planning & buying with proprietary API driven dashboards to maximize ROAS. CRO focused team.

Logistics: Inventory Management including forecasting.

Store Management: Marketplace stores and all associated logistics run for you, to ensure smooth and cost-effective sales.

Brand Management: Protecting your brand, your sales, and your reputation, and ensuring happy customers 24/7. Review Management: Programs to generate customer reviews. Use proactive and defensive tactics to prevent bad reviews.

Listing Monitoring & Management: 24-hour monitoring to ensure listings don't change or go down. If needed, we open up cases with Amazon & resolve them immediately.

Updating Listings: Continuously update & optimize listings to convert at a high rate.

Company Introduction

A lot has changed since Sunken Stone started in 2009. In September 2022, Sunken Stone rebranded. We are now known as Emplicit – an original and unique word designed to describe how we operate and the benefits we bring our clients. One of our goals with this rebranding is to reflect this natural progression in our service model.

As well as team members across 13 American states, we have staff in Argentina, Brazil, Chile, China, Colombia, Costa Rica, The Philippines, and Venezuela.

Custom Description & FAQs

We help customers reach their maximum potential by delivering highly-specialized Amazon channel expertise tailored to the unique needs of our clients.

Amazon Marketplace Experience
Certifications & Awards

We took an Amazon newcomer from zero to 8 digit sales with a strategically-led approach to brand establishment and growth.

Amazon’s Deal of the Day deals permanent increase in sales. On the day the deal ran, sales increased 300% and post-deal day, sales remained 33% higher due to increased brand awareness.

Direct shipping from manufacturer to Amazon creates efficient business model. We successfully launched Shapermint’s Amazon store without the additional logistics and costs of 2-step shipping, which ensured prices were competitive and contributed to $250k/month sales 4 just months.

Expert case management avoids lengthy gap in sales. Using our Amazon knowledge and connections, we had the page only down for 3 days rather than 2+ weeks resulting in a 40% reduction in sales loss.

Client Requirements

We work with established and venture funded ecommerce businesses that are looking for a strategic service provider with an excellent track record and reputation.

Pricing & Budget

We are a full service agency with the majority of our clients taking advantage of our ability to essentially manage Amazon on behalf of our clients. Some clients prefer to utilize particular skillsets and have the volume of work necessary to make that type of engagement work.

We invoice our clients based on the time and level of effort required. Most clients require initial project work and then work with us on a long term retainer model.

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