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About Product Photography Services For Ecommerce Sellers

​FAQs About Ecommerce & Amazon Product Images

A Product Photographer is someone who specializes in capturing images of products rather than nature, fashion, animals or other things. Product Photography is a part of Promotional Photography and, as the name suggests, is used to promote the sale of products.

Amazon Product Photography is specialized in working with clients who sell their products on Amazon. These kind of services are familiar with Amazon’s specific image guidelines and know what it takes to produce great listing images.

Since your customers on Amazon can’t touch, smell, feel or taste your products, photos are the only way how you can bring across these feelings and emotions. Therefore photos are the most important tool to help your customers understand your product’s features. It’s important that the product images reflect exactly what makes your product special and that the photos look professional. By hiring a professional Amazon Photography Service who maybe even specializes on Amazon Listing Photography, you can save time, money and benefit from the skills, experience and network they have.

We are the matchmakers between you and your ideal Amazon Product Photographer. We know the Amazon seller industry and we can help you pick the right choice for your individual needs. If you want us to look for an ideal partner, simply use our free Matching Service.

If you prefer browsing through the listings, you can also use our directory to search for Amazon Product Photography Service by yourself.

Our matching process consists of 3 simple steps:

  1. Fill in the matching form and describe what you are looking for exactly. The more infos you provide, the better!
  2. Our matching experts will select the best Amazon Photography Service for you or contact you to further assess what you really want and need.
  3. You will then be introduced to an Amazon Product Photographer willing to work with you. You can then decide to hire them or get back to our matching experts to receive another recommendation.

Who you should hire depends on the features of your product and your personal preferences, so it’s important to ask potential candidates a couple of questions. Take your time and also explain what you are looking for in an Amazon Photography Service and what you want your photos to look like. Only then you can decide which Amazon Product Photographer is the right fit.

Amazon Product Photographers vary widely in which services they offer and what their prices are. Thus, there is no universal answer to the question of how much an Amazon Product Photographer charges. Some factors that have an effect on the price are location, the type of images you need and the size and weight of your product.

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