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About Quality Check Services & Lab Testing For Amazon FBA Sellers

FAQ's About Quality Inspections

A quality inspection company is typically an independent third party that visits the manufacturing facility to verify on-site that your supplier has met your product specifications for design, function, and quality.

You give the inspection company a list of your product requirements, and they perform tests and inspections to determine if those requirements have been met. You then receive a detailed inspection report with the results and can then decide whether to approve or reject the order from your supplier.

The quality of your products determines whether customers are satisfied with their purchase or not, which in turn affects your reviews, repurchase rates and your overall seller performance.

Especially if you source your products from low cost countries like China or Vietnam, you should have them checked for quality before having them shipped to their destination, as suppliers often have a different idea of what constitutes good quality than you do.

A quality inspection ensures that your supplier has met all agreed product specifications and quality standards.

Not all quality inspection companies offer exactly the same services, but inspections can generally be divided into pre-production, during production (DUPRO), and pre-shipment inspections, with the latter being the most popular type of inspection.

A pre-shipment quality inspection usually involves checking the product quantity, functionality and processing quality. In addition, the quality inspection will also verify that the products meet regulatory requirements and have been properly packaged and labeled according to FBA guidelines.

With many inspection companies, you can also book additional services such as sourcing services or supply chain audits.

The cost of a thorough product quality inspection depends on several factors, such as the country, the time it takes for the inspector to travel to the production site, the amount of products to be inspected, as well as the number and scope of tests performed.

Basic product inspections in China, for example, start at about $300 US. You can usually get a free, non-binding quote from any inspection company you consider working with.

The best quality inspection company for your business has a lot of experience in testing your type of product and knows exactly what FBA guidelines need to be followed in order for your shipment to be accepted at the Amazon warehouse without any problems.

Usually, any good third-party inspection company will also have some official licenses and certifications, such as according to international ISO standards.

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