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Sermondo helps Amazon Sellers to find the best services for their business – worldwide! We know how to sell on Amazon and we know how important it is to find the best service providers. In fact, if you want to grow your business, nationally or internationally, it’s crucial to work with the best service providers only. We provide two different ways how you can connect to service providers
  1. You can simply browse our directory and choose from 20 different categories.
2. Or You can let us do the work for you and use our free Amazon Seller matching service.

Although we try to cover all relevant service provider categories, we could’ve missed to list the specific category that you are looking for.

In these cases we recommend to use our free matching form for Amazon sellers! Simply fill out the form to define your needs.

You’ll get introduced to your hand-picked selection of specialized Amazon service providers, already interested in working with you!

The sermondo matching service for Amazon sellers is the fastest and easiest way for you to find the best service providers to grow your business.

Simply fill out the matching form to describe your situation and your needs as detailed as possible. Our matching-experts will reach out to you within few hours to connect you to your perfect match.

Try our Matching Service for Amazon Sellers – it’s 100% free of charge!

Our services are 100% free of charge for Amazon sellers! 

We charge a small fee to service providers only and we make sure that you will never pay any fees on top.