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What's included:

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Cancel anytime. 100% risk-free.

How Sermondo Helps You Win More Clients

3 Benefits for your Business


Win More Clients

Become part of our service provider network to receive inquiries from Amazon sellers around the world who are already interested in your services and working with you.


Attention & Exposure

Sermondo gives you a boost in visibility for more exposure. Not only by showcasing your services in your listing, but also by driving Google traffic to your website and socials.


Show Social Proof

Collect verified reviews to show potential customers that you are trustworthy. Use our Sermondo Partner Badge for your website to fully benefit from your membership.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Sermondo is a global intermediary platform that connects Amazon sellers with the best service providers in the e-commerce space.

In other words, we specialize in connecting Amazon sellers from all over the world with the right companies to hire for their business.

We do so by providing a personalized matching service for Amazon sellers. The seller fills out a form stating what they are looking for and what their requirements are. We then evaluate the inquiry and carefully select a company that matches their needs from our network.

If your service portfolio and other criteria match the seller’s requirements, we will send the lead your way.

Accordingly, you will only receive qualified leads seeking someone with your expertise.

In addition, each service provider who is part of our network also receives a custom listing to showcase their company and services. The listing allows you to present the most important information about your services, so that sellers can quickly get an impression of you and your capabilities.

Sellers who have found you through our directory can contact you directly by using the contact form embedded in your Sermondo listing.

Overall, Sermondo helps you get more exposure and gives you a platform to promote your services to sellers from all around the world.

By attracting sellers from all over the world who use our matching service, we can provide you with qualified leads that match your skills, expertise and customer requirements.

With our direct access to thousands of sellers worldwide, we help you to push your overall brand awareness, underline your trustworthiness and increase your popularity within the Amazon merchant community.

The listing you will get when becoming a member of the Sermondo network is basically a custom landing page – or “mini-website” – on which you can showcase your company and services.

Plus, you can collect reviews from sellers who have used your services in the past and thus, build trust with your target audience.

Every legit service provider who offers services for Amazon sellers can become part of the Sermondo Service Provider Network.

Since we are a global network, it does not matter where you and your company are located.

We feature about twenty different service categories on Sermondo so that sellers can find any service they might need on our platform.

To join our service provider network, you simply sign up with the email address you’d like inquiries to be sent to and choose a listing plan that best matches your needs.

You can choose between a standard and a featured listing. 

Then you fill in all the relevant information about your company and services, including:

  • Company Name
  • Spoken Languages
  • Services Categories
  • Service Description
  • Company Information 
  • Success Stories / Awards (optional)
  • Client requirements (optional)
  • Pricing Model (optional)
  • Marketplace & Product Category Experience
  • Location
  • Website & Social Links

After submitting your listing, we will review if your information is correct.

Once we have verified your info, you will get a blue “Verified” badge.

To sign up, simply click the “Get Started” Button in the upper right corner, you will then be led through the sign-up process.

All you have to do is register a user account with the email address you’d like user inquiries to be sent to.

Then you can choose your preferred listing type, fill in your information and proceed to checkout.

Get Exposure

The main benefit is that you get instant exposure for your company and services. And as opposed to traditional business directories, it’s not exposure to just anyone, but your exact target audience.

The Sermondo platform allows you to present your company and services to Amazon sellers from all around the world.

Tell cold calling and badly converting ad campaigns goodbye and simply let the leads come to you.

The sellers using Sermondo are already willing to spend money and know their requirements, which makes the inquiries coming your way highly qualified.

Build Trust

The second main benefit is that by being listed on Sermondo, you build trust with potential clients.

Sermondo stands for high quality Amazon services. Therefore you’ll be perceived as a trustworthy and professional company when you’re part of the network.

In addition, you can collect verified reviews from happy customers and further strengthen your credibility.

Beautiful and Comprehensive Mini-Website

Your listing serves as a mini-website with the most important information about you and your services. 

Users often lose interest or patience when they have to spend a lot of time searching for information they need.

This is the case, for instance, when they have to click their way through your website and navigate themselves.

At Sermondo, they can see every important and relevant piece of information at a glance, so you can quickly convey the value you deliver without losing the user’s interest.

Especially if you don’t have such a strong internet presence elsewhere, a Sermondo listing is perfect for you.

If you are not listed on the first page of Google, the chance of reaching many customers is rather small. 

With Sermondo, on the other hand, you will still be easily found by potential customers.

And that without spending thousands of dollars on search engine optimization measures.

Amazon businesses of all sizes use Sermondo to find service providers – from small private label sellers to 8-figure-sellers and big brands.

Our users are from all around the world and often come to us when they want to expand their Amazon business globally.

Every month, thousands of sellers visit Sermondo to find and compare service providers they need.

We’re continuously expanding our global presence and reach more and more sellers everyday.

Potential clients can find you either by browsing the category explore page by themselves or by using our matching service.

When using our matching service, the seller tells us exactly what they need and we manually pick a good match for the job from our network. 

If your service portfolio, languages, location & experience matches the seller’s requirements and the seller profile matches your client preferences, we will send the lead your way.

If you only want to work with a specific type of clients, e.g. only sellers that already make a certain amount of revenue, you can specify your preferences in the “client requirements” section of your listing.

You can also let us know what your preferences are and we will keep that in mind when a seller is using our matching service and we decide who to refer them to.

Collecting reviews on Sermondo is quite simple.

Customers who have used your services can submit their reviews quickly and easily on your Sermondo listing.

The more reviews you collect, the more trust you build with your potential customers.

We cannot make any general statements about the number of leads that service providers receive through Sermondo.

First and foremost Sermondo is a great way to get more exposure for your company, create brand awareness and build trust.

How many leads you will receive depends on various factors, such as:

Content & Design of the listing:

The content and design of your Sermondo listing have a huge impact on the way Amazon sellers perceive you and your services.

If you fill in as much information as possible, add nice images and describe your company and services in a compelling way, the more likely you are to receive inquiries from clients.

Demand of the respective category:

We do our best to promote each category in the best possible way and generate a high demand for each one, but there are differences in demand between the different categories available on Sermondo.

Therefore, the category your services belong to also has an influence on the number of customer inquiries you receive.

Number of reviews:

The more reviews you collect, the more trust you build up with potential customers.

Sellers are more likely to trust service providers who already have collected good reviews on their listings. 

Accordingly, service providers with more reviews usually receive more inquiries than service providers with no or only a few reviews.


Similar to the service categories, the demand for service providers also differs according to where they are located.

Local service providers in countries where large Amazon marketplaces exist are typically in higher demand.

Your client requirements:

Your client requirements also have an impact on the number of client inquiries you will receive. 

If you do not have a specific type of client, a larger number of sellers will feel addressed by you and the services you offer.

All offers on Sermondo can easily and securely be purchased by credit card.

All common card providers like Visa, Mastercard, American Express and more are accepted.

On Sermondo you can cancel your subscription at any time and without any risk.

Besides providing you with an expert listing on our platform, we also offer a promo package that helps you get even more exposure.

It includes a personal 30min interview with you (usually with the founder/CEO), which will then be shared in video and audio format on all common channels – YouTube, Spotify, Apple Podcasts, etc -, in a sponsored blog post on our website and our social media channels.

It will help build trust with the sellers (especially with sellers from other countries) when they are able to see who is behind your company and how the workflows look like. 

You can check out previous episodes on our blog: 

If you are interested in the Promo Package, please visit our pricing page and request it.

We will then reach out to you shortly and send you the booking link.

You can edit and update your listing at any time. 

To do so, simply log in to your account, go to “My Listings” under your profile and click “Edit”.

If you feel that your services do not really fit into any of the categories available on Sermondo, but you would like to list them on the site, please send an email to with a brief description of what you do and how it helps Amazon sellers grow their business.

Together we will find a solution.

If you have forgotten your email address and can no longer access your listing, please send an email to and tell us which listing is yours.

We will then let you know which email address the listing is assigned to.

If you have forgotten your password, you can easily reset it.

Simply click ” Sign In” in the upper right corner and select “Forgot password?”.

Then enter your email address and your new password will be sent to you.