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We have one of the most professional teams in the industry across all verticals including M&A, Supply Chain and Marketing. Our key point of differentiation is that we started as an Amazon seller just like you.

There are a lot of new players in the Amazon acquisitions space and one of our mottos is that sharks belong in the ocean and not in deal room! We operate in a fair and transparent way and are ready to help sellers achieve the lucrative exit they have always dreamed of.

About This Company

Elevate Brands (recently rebranded from Recom Brands) buys, launches and operates consumer-leading Amazon brands and elevates them to their full potential. The Elevate difference is that we are Amazon experts. We started in 2016 as sellers, just like you, and understand the challenges and complexities in operating an Amazon FBA business at scale.

We are now one of leading acquirers of Amazon FBA businesses, with a world class deal team who close transactions in less than 30 days in a hands-on, professional manner.

Whether you’re looking to sell, looking to partner, or just looking to tap into our unparalleled resources to successfully grow your business, the sky’s the limit!


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