Service Description

Our registered buyers are ready to buy your consumer product brand - with $800 Million of available capital at their disposal.

We help founders of consumer product brands prepare & sell their business for the highest possible value and best negotiated deal terms. We are specialists in e-commerce (with an Amazon sales channel) based M&A.

Our services include:
1) Analyzing the Basic Conditions:
During an initial assessment we will analyze:
> Your Type of Business
> The Age of your Business
> SDE/EBITDA (Annual net profit of your business)
> The value of your business

2) Exploring your Business in Depth:
Not only the hard facts count, but also:

Your brand synergy
Your points of differentiation
Your management team
Your growth potential
Your trademarks and other intellectual properties
Your revenue and profitability trends

3) Consulting:
We'll give you well-considered answers to the following questions:
If you should sell your business
When you should sell your business
How you can increase the value of your business before exiting
To whom you should sell your business
For what price you should sell you business

4) Mediation & Negotiation:
We use our large network & experience to:

5) Find the ideal buyer for your business:
Present your business in an attractive way
Help you negotiate the best deal terms
Assist you during the transfer process
Make sure you get paid

Your Benefits:
We have a large, strong network and can thus, find the perfect buyer for you.
Our experience helps you avoid common pitfalls
We give sincere & realistic assessments