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Mantaro Brands acquires and grows successful Amazon and other D2C brands around the world, giving business owners the power to build their next great idea.

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Here at Mantaro Brands, we understand that selling your business is a tremendous milestone, so our team prides themselves on a collaborative and transparent process.

From days 0 to 5, expect a review of key stats like sales revenue and customer engagement, and a strategic discussion of whether your brand is a good fit for Mantaro.

From days 5 to 20, we will conduct our due diligence to better understand your financial position, supply chain strength, and sales trajectory. By day 20 you will receive a best-price offer.

From days 20 to 30, transition your business and connect the team to your key suppliers. And by day 30, all legal documents will be finalized and the funds will be transferred to your account. Our average acquisition time frame is 30 business days.

Reach out to to learn more, or visit our site to request a free valuation of your company.

Certifications & Awards

"The process of selling was well-structured and simple. Mantaro was super helpful during the onboarding process while answering all questions regarding legalities. There was no-nonsense and it was basically foolproof."
-Timo | Owner, Kleiner Fuchs

"I really liked how smooth and professional the process was. I was positively surprised by how much the team cared about understanding what decisions were made and why."
-Ingo | CEO, Nation of Strong

"Mantaro saw the potential in Helperfect and believed in our brand vision so they offered us a competitive valuation together with a well thought-out growth plan. I appreciated their efficiency, fairness and how well their great team managed to integrate our brand in their portfolio."
-Erik | Founder & Managing Director, Helperfect

Client Requirements

Minimum yearly revenue: $250k

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