Company Introduction

Amazon experts with years of experience and knowledge about Amazon’s policy & all types of appeals.

With our Experts, Consultants and Legal Advisers, we have dealt with appeals in well-known corporations such as Google, Apple, Samsung, Facebook, PayPal, eBay & Alibaba, and we are now doing so in Amazon with an unbeatable success rate of 96%!

We are monitoring every change that Amazon is making in their frequently changing policy (“ToS” – Terms of Service), so we’ll be able to get you reinstated AS SOON as possible!

Custom Description & FAQs

We are a team of professionals, dealing with all types of Amazon Suspensions:

Legal Department:
Design Patent
Price Gouging
Intellectual Property

Safety Compliance
FDA Claims
DEA Claims
EPA Claims
Marketing Statements

Account Health:
Reviews Manipulation
ASIN Creation
Order Defect Rate
Late Shipment Rate
Policy Warnings

Product Compliance:
Used Item Sold as New
Chronic Defective
Detail Page Needing Correction

Amazon Marketplace Experience
Service Categories
Locations by Country
Spoken Languages
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