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Amazon suspension appeals require a professionally written plan of action to succeed. There are a lot of Amazon appeal services out there, but beware! At a comparable or even less fee, you can have a lawyer help you with your Amazon suspension appeal or listing (ASIN) removal. Amazon Sellers Attorney is the best choice for all your E-commerce legal issues.

We don't just write an Amazon appeal letter for your Amazon seller suspension appeal. We give real Amazon appeal help with 24 hour support. When you hire us, you get an Amazon seller lawyer; a licensed U.S. attorney to work on your Amazon reinstatement letter personally - not a consultant, not a paralegal. You get unlimited revisions and any necessary escalations of your Amazon Appeal Plan of Action as well as ongoing support and communication whenever you need it, 24 hours a day.

Our fixed fee includes everything. We won't take your case unless we think we can win it and most of our clients (90%) succeed. If, however, you don't succeed at the initial levels, we will escalate your case to higher management and to the Amazon Legal Department and if that still does not do the trick, we apply your fee toward an arbitration (your final remedy), because our goal is to get your account reinstated! Amazon seller account closed? Is it a mystery? We can figure it out. Amazon seller account suspended for related accounts, order defect rate, counterfeit, or no reason at all? We can help.

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We win Amazon Seller Appeals for our clients! Get a free consultation with an Amazon Lawyer for:
​Amazon Seller Appeal
Reinstate Amazon Deactivated Account
Amazon ASIN reinstatement
If your ASIN or Amazon account is suspended, get a qualified Amazon lawyer for:
Amazon Appeal
Amazon Seller Suspension Appeal
Amazon Deactivated Account
Amazon Suspended Account
Amazon Seller Reinstatement
Vendor Central suspension
ASIN Deactivated
Amazon Seller Account Suspended
Trademark and patent registration
All your E Commerce law needs
Fixed fees with unlimited revisions
Free Escalations of Amazon Seller Appeals included
Full 24 hour telephone and chat support with a team of experienced consultants supervised by Amazon Seller Lawyers.

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