Service Description

Get help from an Amazon Account Expert - fast.
• One-on-one help: We discuss your specific situation and ask key questions to help us all understand the real issues at hand.

• Unmatched expertise: Our team includes experts who have worked both inside and outside of Amazon Seller Performance. We know how the system works.

• Account-level insights: We have worked on hundreds of account reinstatements for inauthentic, review manipulation, product quality, policy violations and more..

• Honest feedback: We aren't here to sell you services you don't need. We provide an honest assessment of your situation.

• ASIN reinstatement know-how: We have helped with hundreds of ASIN reinstatements for safety, product quality, inauthentic, matching issues and more.

• Available on your schedule: With our automated booking system, you'll have an opportunity to choose an appointment time that works for you.

About This Company

Riverbend Consulting pilots online sellers through treacherous Amazon Suspension. Then we clear the way for new sales opportunities, profitable account management and groundbreaking deals.

We help sellers with deactivated, suspended, and blocked Amazon accounts.
No need to hire a lawyer or attorney when you have our ex-Amazon employees by your side.

Amazon suspension types we’ve successfully appealed:
- Account verification
- Best-seller rank (BSR) manipulation
- Code of conduct
- Condition
- Counterfeit complaints
- Drop-shipping
- Expired products
- Forged documents
- Frauded account
- Inauthentic complaints
- IP – copyright infringement
- IP – counterfeit
- IP – patent infringement
- IP – trademark infringement
- Late shipment rate
- Linked accounts / related accounts
- Listing violations
- Order defect rate
- Platform manipulation
- Price gouging
- Restricted products
- Review manipulation
- Safety complaints
- Used sold as new
- Variation abuse
- Verified tracking rate (VTR)