Service Description

Millions of users are searching your products, but thousands of sellers are targeting these very same users – just like you. You need an intelligent plan to help you leverage the power of Amazon and ensure that your specific products make it into the right hands of the right customers. Axelligence can hell you do just that.
Account Manager
By working with Axelligence, you’ll receive a dedicated Account Manager who will handle all of the basic functions of your Amazon seller’s account, while also ensuring that each of the tasks that we implement specifically designed to generate higher profits is completed diligently.
The Account Manager performs the following:
• StarteLLIGENCE – Seller Account Launch & Startup
• ReporteLLIGENCE – Reporting & Analyzing Sales, Profits, & Expenses
• InventeLLIGENCE – Inventory Management & Reconciliation
• AuditeLLIGENCE – Account Auditing & Strength/Weakness Analysis
• ComplicaLLIGENCE – Performance Troubleshooting & Problem Resolution
Increase Sales
When you’re selling on Amazon, one of your main goals should be to find ways to increase your sales and generate larger profits. Here at Axelligence, we offer a standalone service that allows you to increase your sales without the need for a separate Account Manager. If you want to maintain control over your own account, you can do that! And we’ll help you increase your profits every step of the way.
Increase your sales and profits with:
• ListeLLIGENCE – Listing Creation & Optimization
• BrandeLLIGENCE – Brand Registration & Control, Brand Awareness, A+ Content & EBC
• AdverteLLIGENCE – Amazon Advertising, PPC, Bid Automation & Sale Strategy
• RevieweLLIGENCE – Sales Reviews, Product Reviews, & Customer Service
• CompetiLLIGENCE – Competitor Analysis

Company Introduction

Helping Today’s Sellers Leverage The Power of Amazon & Drive Profits Further Than Ever Before
Welcome to Axelligence, the one place where you can find some of the best Amazon experts and intelligence professionals to help ensure that your new journey as an Amazon seller isn’t like any other – with us, it’ll be a journey that’ll change your life and turn you into one of the greatest success stories ever written.
Backed by more than 5 years of experience in solving all different types of Amazon challenges, we’re young, motivated, creative, and innovative – and most importantly, we’re ready to face the next adventure with you. We understand the intelligence behind the Amazon selling method, and we’re prepared to help you find your own perfect path to success.
Are you ready to change your life? With Axelligence, it’s all possible.

Custom Description & FAQ

Axelligence is a leading Amazon consulting firm specifically designed to help today’s Amazon sellers leverage the power of the world’s largest retailer and drive their profits further than ever before. With a young, experienced, and innovative team of Amazon experts and computer intelligence professionals, we’ve developed a deep understanding and an extensive expertise in knowing just how the best Amazon sellers make it to the top.
For us, our mission is simple – we’re looking to ensure that you make it to the top too.
As the experts of Amazon intelligence, we will guide you through any kind of challenge that you may face when selling on Amazon. We can help you launch your Amazon seller account, develop your brand on Amazon, help with performance or restriction issues, or show you just how to launch a targeted Amazon advertising campaign – all while you sit back and focus on your business.
Let us handle the tough tasks of improving your listings, enhancing your brand’s awareness, and increasing your sales while you take care of what matters most – running your business.
And remember, while Amazon may be the very core of our business, intelligence is what gets us there. From forming your entity, to finding your perfect niche, and from sourcing, designing, and funding it, to directing you through the most efficient pathway towards Amazon’s worldwide locations – it’s all about knowing where and how to do it.
Let Axelligence give you a boost and help you succeed on the world’s largest eCommerce platform.

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