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US Attorneys + IP Expertise + Amazon knowledge = The best combination to solve your Amazon problems.

About This Company

Trademark Registration
Protect your brand from competitors, and gain exclusive right to use your trademark.

Account/Listing Reinstatement
Let us Fight the legal fight, and reinstate your account or listing quickly and efficiently

Copyrights and Design Patent Registration
Protect your unique photos, graphic designs, or product shape.

Patent Consulting
Patent protection can be very complex. Don’t take a competitor’s word that you might be infringing its patent. Let our professionals analyze the patent and tell you if it’s true.

Contracts are needed when things go wrong. Therefore, business relationships should be defined under contract, and your interests must be protected for future potential conflicts.

Fight off counterfeiters and hijackers. Protect your listing and brand.

Drafting Terms of Service for Your E-Commerce Website
Creating the Terms of Service and Privacy Policy for your website.

Opening A New Amazon Account
We provide step-by-step guidance to opening a new Amazon Seller Account

Changing Ownership in Amazon Accounts
We conduct transfers of Amazon Seller Accounts by changing ownership details, under Amazon approval.

Buying and Selling Amazon Accounts
We can help you find the right buyer or seller for your Amazon account.

Handling Lawsuits related to your E-commerce activity
We represent sellers who received lawsuits for selling on e-commerce platforms such as eBay and Amazon.

Reinstating Etsy Listings and Accounts
We can handle the reinstatement of your Etsy listing or account

Compliance and Regulation Consultation
We offer compliance and regulation consulting services mainly for importers to US and Europe markets.

Responding to Trademark and Design Patent Office Actions
We can prepare and submit responses to USPTO refusals in order to get your trademark or design patent registered

IP Training
We will provide you with Intellectual Property training with respect to e-commerce violations and how to avoid them

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