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I'm not a big translation agency. I don't see you as a simple number on an invoice. If you decide to work with me, I'll be the only person to work on your texts. The translation process is a matter of communication, and I can tell you that is it is way more simple to send a message directly to a translator if you know him than waiting for the agency to transfer your message to the translator in charge of your texts, and waiting for his answer to be transferred to you after that.
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Translation - EN / NL / ES > FR

I mostly translate product descriptions from English, Dutch and Spanish to French. I never translate anything from French to another language as French is my only native language. I always want to make sure that my translations sound totally correct and natural to future readers. Potential customers shouldn't put their effort into understanding the product description. That's not the most important thing. The most important thing is that after having read the description and seen the picture, they just want one thing, to buy that product.

As Amazon Europe is my direct client, I really know how they work and think. That's a real advantage if you want your product descriptions to sound good and to be very similar to those from Amazon.

They sometimes use specific terminology to attract more people, and I'm obviously used to it. I've translated products in many, maaany, MAAAAANY fields (from simple notebooks to the most sophisticated dildos available on the market). Please, don't feel ashamed if you sell weird products, I've probably seen even weirder products.

So far, I've translated more than 660.000 words for Amazon and I've translated more than 1.155.701 words in my whole life, so feel free to ask if you need a professional translation to sell more products and to attract more people on the French-speaking market. That's what I've been doing nearly every day since 2017, so why shouldn't I translate your descriptions as well?

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