Service Description

What is the AMASCORE?

> AMASCORE (abbreviation: AS), is a "visibility index", which comes from AMALYZE itself and reflects the organic visibility of an ASIN within Amazon search results.

Can I track the BSR (Sales rank)?

> Yes, in shield you have the ability to track the BSR, as well as other KPI's historically.

Can I test Shield for free?

> Yes, Shield, like the Chrome Extension can be used free of charge and without time limit. However, the number of contingents is limited.

Can you teach me how to use Shield?

> We offer various forms and possibilities of support free of charge to help you use Shield.

> These include our monthly webinars, our helpdesk, our website and the interactive tours within Shield.

> You also have the possibility to book a free 30-60 minute call where we look together how you can use Shield in the best way.

> If you have any further questions afterwards, you can contact us anytime from Mo-Fr 09:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m. (CEST), either by mail or phone.

About This Company

AMALAZYE Shield is an Amazon analysis system for the marketplaces DE, IT, ES, CO.UK, FR and COM and includes data on over 2.7 billion ASINs and 100 million keywords.

Shield offers functions in the following areas:

- Dashboard
- Keyword research
- Product research
- ASIN Reverse Lookup
- Notifications
- Seller analyses
- Brand analyses
- Portfolios
- Volatility statistics
- Keyword trends
- Sponsored products
- Inventory Overview

Furthermore, we offer a Chrome Extension.
The extension includes:

- Index Checker
- Keyword AMALYZER
- Search Volume Widget
- Related Keywords Widget
- Rating Widget
- Reviews Widget
- Price Widget
- Prime Widget

(Status June 2020)