Service Description

What is the AMASCORE?

> AMASCORE (abbreviation: AS), is a "visibility index", which comes from AMALYZE itself and reflects the organic visibility of an ASIN within Amazon search results.

Can I track the BSR (Sales rank)?

> Yes, in shield you have the ability to track the BSR, as well as other KPI's historically.

Can I test Shield for free?

> Yes, Shield, like the Chrome Extension can be used free of charge and without time limit. However, the number of contingents is limited.

Can you teach me how to use Shield?

> We offer various forms and possibilities of support free of charge to help you use Shield.

> These include our monthly webinars, our helpdesk, our website and the interactive tours within Shield.

> You also have the possibility to book a free 30-60 minute call where we look together how you can use Shield in the best way.

> If you have any further questions afterwards, you can contact us anytime from Mo-Fr 09:00 a.m. - 06:00 p.m. (CEST), either by mail or phone.

Company Introduction

AMALYZE is a leading, profitable, fast-growing, and international Big Data company with offices in Ismaning near Munich, Berlin (Germany) and Miami (USA).

After a fruitless search for a tool for Amazon at the beginning of 2016, our founder and current chairman of AMALYZE AG, Michael Gabrielides, started accumulating and processing data on products offered on Amazon on his own.

In the same year the toolbox went live, which was replaced in 2018 by Shield and the Falcon API.

To this day Shield & Falcon, as well as the Chrome Extention, are being updated with new features and functions, as well as data.

(Status June 2020)

Custom Description & FAQs

AMALAZYE Shield is an Amazon analysis system for the marketplaces DE, IT, ES, CO.UK, FR and COM and includes data on over 2.7 billion ASINs and 100 million keywords.

Shield offers functions in the following areas:

- Dashboard
- Keyword research
- Product research
- ASIN Reverse Lookup
- Notifications
- Seller analyses
- Brand analyses
- Portfolios
- Volatility statistics
- Keyword trends
- Sponsored products
- Inventory Overview

Furthermore, we offer a Chrome Extension.
The extension includes:

- Index Checker
- Keyword AMALYZER
- Search Volume Widget
- Related Keywords Widget
- Rating Widget
- Reviews Widget
- Price Widget
- Prime Widget

(Status June 2020)

Certifications & Awards

With AMALYZE we have found an excellent solution for our employees. It simplifies and accelerates both the processes in the content area and in product marketing with the sponsored product ads (SPA).
In addition, we especially appreciate the multi-user capability and the possibility of API connection to our existing ERP and PIM systems.

Jens Wasel - KW Commerce
Founder and CEO


Competitor and product observations, data history, notifications and much more make life easier for us as an agency.

Sanja Focke - Rockit-Internet
Sales Consultant


AMALYZE is and remains our No.1 tool for the Amazon marketplaces. No other tool in the scene can provide us with such precise data as AMALYZE. Furthermore, we love the fact that Michael and his team simplify our work with Amazon with regular updates and new functions.

Lars Müller - AMZ Protect

...and many more.

Client Requirements

AMALYZE Shield can be used free of charge, but with a correspondingly limited number of contingents. All you need is a free registration.

A certain knowledge of Amazon is not required, but recommended, since we are primarily an analysis system provider who only provides data.

(Status June 2020)

Pricing & Budget

Our pricing system is as follows:

Shield is free to use, with a limited number of contingents. This means, for example, that with a free account a maximum of 10 queries can be made daily in the keyword search function.

This number can be increased by booking a monthly plan.

Tariffs look like this:

Free: 0€/month (e.g. 10 keyword researches daily)
Solopreneur: 49€/month (e.g. 100 keyword researches daily)
Professional: 149€/month (e.g. 1000 keyword researches daily)
Corporate: 249€/month (e.g. 5000 keyword researches daily)
Enterprise: 349€/month (e.g. 10000 keyword researches daily)

A more detailed overview of the tariffs and quotas can be viewed in Shield.

If required, the tariff can be adjusted even more precisely by booking additional contingents specifically.

(Status June 2020)

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Use the Code "ASOMILYZER-10" to get 10% off on your lifetime subscription

Use the Code "ASOMILYZER-40" to get 40% off for the first two months

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