How To Do Amazon Keyword Research: The Ultimate Guide for Beginners

Including the right keywords in your listing is a crucial step for your success on Amazon. The right keywords will help you gain visibility in the organic rankings and are essential for running Amazon PPC campaigns. Only with the right keywords your product will appear in the search results and be noticed by potential customers – and eventually be purchased.

This article is aimed at Amazon sellers who want to optimize their listing for more visibility or who are planning to run an Amazon PPC campaign. If the topic of Amazon keywords is new to you or if you are just looking for more input on this, you have come to the right place. In this article you will learn what keywords are, why good keyword research is so important and how you will find keywords that will deliver the best results.

What Are Amazon Keywords And How Can My Amazon Listing Benefit from Them?

Keywords are the terms that you include in your listing or in a PPC campaign so that your listing is displayed in the product suggestions when a customer enters a search term in the search bar on Amazon.

Your product will only be displayed in the search results if the keywords are contained in your listing (or if the corresponding keywords are part of a campaign and bids are placed for them).

Conversely, this means that your product will not appear for those keywords that are not included in your listing and will have no chance of being noticed by potential customers. So if a potential customer is looking for exactly the same product as yours but uses a search term that you didn’t think of and therefore didn’t include a corresponding keyword in your listing for, you won’t be able to close a deal with this person. But you were so close! Or your ads might not be converting because you are targeting the wrong keywords. By any means, you want to avoid these scenarios!

Step-By-Step Guide for Amazon Keyword Research – How To Find Suitable Keywords

So what you need to do so people can find your products is to get suitable keywords for your product. How? With keyword research! When researching keywords, your goal is to find and note down all keywords that are relevant for your product in order to increase the “hit rate”.

A systematic approach in your keyword research is helpful to not overlook any important keywords. But what does that mean exactly – What should a keyword research look like? We recommend going through the following steps:

1. Start With Brainstorming Using Your Own Experience

You have probably already spent a lot of time with your product and know it inside out. As a result, you probably know quite well how to describe it and what your product is all about.

So start by thinking for yourself about what terms you would type into the Amazon search bar to find your product. Make notes of all the terms that come to mind.

2. Analyze Your Competitors to Find Amazon Keywords 

In the next step, you want to actually enter those terms into the Amazon search bar. You will then see the listings of competitors who sell similar products and already have a good ranking position for this keyword. Browse through these listings to find other terms that describe your product. They will probably appear very frequently in the title or product description. This way, you will come across more keywords that you have not initially thought of.

3. Use an Amazon Keyword Research Tool 

Amazon itself can be very helpful for keyword research. If you type some letters in the search box on Amazon, Amazon will automatically complete your word or give you suggestions. The suggestions that appear here are not just any terms, there is a system behind it: At this point, Amazon plays out terms that are frequently typed into the search bar by the users. You can use this system for your research and find additional keywords.

However, if this approach is too tedious for you, you can also use Amazon tools that will do this work for you.

One tool that uses the data available from Amazon’s auto-completion and shows you the relevant suggestions is the free tool Sonar which will allow you to find relevant keywords automatically. To do this, proceed as follows:

  • Select Marketplace – Simply select your marketplace by clicking the flag in the search bar.
  • Enter Keyword – Enter a term which you want additional keywords for.
  • Click Enter/Ping – Hit enter or the icon on the right (“Ping”) to display corresponding results.
  • Evaluate Results – You will then get a list of matching keywords with the display of the corresponding search volume.

Optimize Your Listing – Where to Include Your Amazon Keywords

You have now compiled an extensive list of keywords as part of your keyword research.

Where you now place them depends entirely on your strategy and what you intend to do:

  • Amazon SEO Listing Optimization – If you want to optimize your listing so that your products will be found better by potential customers, you should include the keywords into your listing, i.e. list them in the title, bullet points and product description.
  • Amazon Advertising Campaigns – If you have done the keyword research for an Amazon PPC campaign, then you now have suitable keywords ready to place your bids on.

Conclusion on Amazon Keyword Research: Major Change With Little Effort

Matching keywords are important for your products to be found and bought on Amazon. With systematic and thorough keyword research, you already have the opportunity to bring about major changes and increase your sales with relatively little effort.

However, keywords alone are not enough for creating the best listing. There are other things you can do to optimize your listing! Convincing product photos and an appealing product description are just as important!

We highly recommend hiring an Amazon SEO Agency. Check out this guide to learn how to choose the right Amazon SEO Service for your business.

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