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Everyone should choose Amazonia PPC, because we're the world's best ecommerce marketing agency. Our expertise is based on a strong understanding of the ecommerce environment in general, and we apply that knowledge to every marketplace.

Aside from having 15+ years of combined ecommerce marketing experience in our agency, we also run our own successful brand on Amazon. We have dealt with the same problems as other fellow sellers, and are hapyp to share our expertise with them.

Company Introduction

We’re an Amazon advertising agency specialized for PPC campaign management, branding, and PL optimization. Founded in 2014. The company started as a PPC campaign management agency, on Facebook ads and Google ads, helping ecommerce businesses exclusively on Amazon.

In 2017, we decided to exclusively dedicate to helping Amazon brands scale their businesses on and off Amazon.

We can help you.

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- Free Expert Account Audit
- Amazon PPC Keyword Research
- Product Listing Optimization
- PPC Campaign Optimization
- Competitive Research
- PPC Account Maintenance


- Product Discovery
- Market Research
- Keyword Research
- Competitive Research


- Brand Registry
- A+ Content Creation
- Storefront Design
- Sponsored Brand Ads

Certifications & Awards

"Excellent communication and attention to detail. Jelena really hones down on the importance of value, ROI and strategic planning rather jargon. Looking forward to progressing forward with our partnership!" - Linda, Owner of Skin Health Emporium

"Jelena and her team did a great job. Super fast, easy to talk to, very knowledgeable and professional. I didn't know much about Google Analytics for Ecommerce but they brought me up to speed really quickly! Highly recommended!" - Alexandra, Owner of Sardius

"Each now and then you come across remarkable people and Igor is one of them. His advice and systems for our campaigns have been very helpful the results are speaking for themselves. Highly Recommended!" - Ryan Saville, Owner of Manufacturing Marketing Agency

"Highly recommend Jelena and her team. Thorough professional with excellent communication skills." - Randeep, Owner of Zuhne

Client Requirements

Our ideal client is someone who already has both Amazon FBA business and their own ecommerce website - or at least aspires to have both.

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