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Our advantages:

☑ Professionally equipped warehouse with size of 20,000 sq ft (NOT garage storage)
☑ Location is 20 miles from one of the largest Amazon warehouses in the US - WTF1
☑ Own truck ( 12 pallets ) for cargo delivery to Amazon, which is 2-3 times cost effective than UPS
☑ Order processing within 1 day, support 24/7
☑ We accept orders from 50 units and returns from Amazon
☑ Affordable prices, quality guaranteed
☑ Contracts and insurance provided if necessary if it`s necessary

Company Introduction

Simple Prep Centre is located in Addison, TX, DFW area, which is about 20 miles away from one of the largest Amazon Fulfilment Center in the USA.
Our center provides different services such as labeling, packaging, storage and goods’ delivery. We cooperate with sellers from Amazon, Ebay, Walmart, Etsy and so on.
We have our own large truck (which fits up to 12 pallets) therefore we often utilize it to deliver various goods to Amazon. It is indeed much cheaper than using USP or FEDEX. In this case the goods are processed at the fulfilment center on the same day professionally with great accuracy, which saves a lot of time.
The size of our fulfilment house is about 20 000 sq f in addition, it has 4 level shelves storage facility, which allows to use more efficiently the rentable area of our Warehouse facility.
We have the insurance to cover any unforeseeable issues. The insurance can cover all goods in our warehouse and its surrounding area.
We are ready, equipped and able to handle any of your requirements immediately.
We are looking forward to doing business with you soon.

Custom Description & FAQs

Simple Prep offers different kinds of fulfillment services, including:

- Storage
- Admission/ inspection/ FNSKU labeling/ packaging
- Making up the sets and bundles
- Boxes forwarding
- Returns handling: Admission/ inspection/ new FNSKU labeling/ repacking/rejection

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We accept orders from 300 units and returns from Amazon

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