Service Description

Our advantages:

☑ Professionally equipped warehouse with size of 20,000 sq ft (NOT garage storage)
☑ Location is 20 miles from one of the largest Amazon warehouses in the US - WTF1
☑ Own truck ( 12 pallets ) for cargo delivery to Amazon, which is 2-3 times cost effective than UPS
☑ Order processing within 1 day, support 24/7
☑ We accept orders from 50 units and returns from Amazon
☑ Affordable prices, quality guaranteed
☑ Contracts and insurance provided if necessary if it`s necessary

About This Company

Simple Prep offers different kinds of fulfillment services, including:

- Storage
- Admission/ inspection/ FNSKU labeling/ packaging
- Making up the sets and bundles
- Boxes forwarding
- Returns handling: Admission/ inspection/ new FNSKU labeling/ repacking/rejection