Service Description

We provide a warehouse management system, specially designed for FBA and FMB programs. Mostly offered for Prep Centers.

About This Company

Jasara Technology, a software company that specializes in building software for Amazon Sellers and Prep Centers. Over 7,000 Amazon companies have processed over 35 million items through Jasara's software systems, saving an estimated 16,000 hours of manual labour.

At PrepBusiness, we've seen the issues that prep centers have: Clients hate data entry. Your inbox is always full of client emails. Your phone never seems to stop ringing. A mistake with inventory quantities leads to a big bill. Clients don't trust the numbers you're telling them you have in your warehouse. Your team themselves aren't confident in the numbers.

All these issues add up to high costs and lost revenues. One prep center had to pay $14,000 to settle a client dispute about inventory numbers. Another prep center lost their two biggest clients to tech-enabled prep centers, after working so hard to land those clients in the first place.

PrepBusiness gives you the competitive edge your prep center needs to succeed in today's environment with a self-serve client portal cutting down on back-and-forth communication and automation for your team receiving shipments, handling item problems, properly prepping each item, sending shipments to Amazon, and accurately calculating billing.

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