Service Description

We have a specialized team for FBA and consol service from various China ports to Spain by sea and by air.
Our difference from the big companies is that we are more flexible with your needs and you will always have a direct contact for emergencies or doubts to support you.
If need some specific warehouse operations other than the standard for Amazon such as cargo checking, opening boxes, relabeling, buying boxes to replace them, etc. we can also help you.
We are aware of the timing and urgency that Amazon sellers have.
We don't just offer warehousing but also transportation and customs clearance so that you can focus in your business and not in the logistics daily issues.

About This Company

We offer a door to door service from supplier to any Amazon warehouse in Spain including air/sea freight, customs clearance, slot booking, labeling palletizing and VAT registration if needed.
Amazon sellers can have a permanent space at a low cost in any of your bonded warehouses in Madrid, Valencia or Barcelona for your FBA cargo. When the stock at Amazon's warehouse is low, we will send more goods to refill it.
Bonded warehouse: pospone the payment of import duties and VAT of your stored goods until delivering at Amazon.