Service Description

What makes us different

We have personally experienced both the success & failures associated with the Amazon Marketplace over the last 9 years. For the last year, our combined sales exceeded 17.5$ million US dollars worldwide. In this time we have had the opportunity to survive & solve multiple issues such as product & account suspensions as well as launch rockstar products within a couple of weeks. Thanks to these experiences we understand the journey you are on or you are about to begin & we can support you on every step of the way.

Amazon is not everything

We also have experience in creating and managing other forms of online businesses, e-commerce departments & providing specialist training. This allows us to understand your business & your needs as they become our needs to ensure success on Amazon. We are not a typical agency which specializes solely on the management of other businesses, We also recruit agencies that assist us in our own sales that is why SellerSwitch is the ideal partner for your business, who will effectively enroll & expand your business on Amazon.

About This Company

We are a London, UK - Warsaw, Poland based Amazon agency specialising in:

Full Seller Central Account Management in the UK/DE/FR/IT/ES Amazon Marketplace (we employ at least one person that can speak one of the marketplaces languages natively and he/she is not called 'Google translate' 🙂 ):

SEO & Copywriting in all five languages
Customer Service
Inventory & Order Management
PPC/AMS Optimisation

Amazon Suspensions
Consulting - Europe is different than the US - and it is not just the language. The Culture, the Taxes, the Laws. Essentially selling in all 5 marketplaces means you have to interact with 7 legal systems. We can help. We offer:

Amazon Strategies for various marketplaces (Each country requires a different market entry and optimisation strategy)
Legal assistance with laws such as 'Verpackungsgesetz' (VerpackG) in Germany.
We have an in-depth experience of the way Pan-European FBA works & the VAT taxes & laws associated with this FBA sales model.

Other Services Include:

US/JP Account Management
Vendor Management