Service Description

Experts in B2C order fulfillment
Direct connection to
Simple and competitive pricing
Special packaging options available (gift wrapping)
We focus on customer service- you're able to speak directly to our warehouse team

Company Introduction

Facility is centrally located in Dallas, TX
Founded in 2014
50-100 employees
Rapidly growing and serving high growth companies
Mark Cuban is an investor in Selery Fulfillment

Custom Description & FAQs

Selery is a unique one-stop shop warehousing and multi-channel order fulfillment service for small to medium eCommerce businesses. We have a direct connection with for FBM order fulfillment direct to consumer. We also provide kitting & special packaging services.

Amazon Marketplace Experience
Certifications & Awards

We work with many companies that have appeared on Shark Tank and we are able to scale quickly to turn around huge spikes in order volumes

Client Requirements

$500.00 per month, which translates into approx. 200+ orders per month B2C.

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