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My Fulfillment Team and sister service My Inventory Team are the brainchild of John Bullard Sr. After many years in the retail market. John and his son John Jr. started an online business selling Pokemon cards on eBay. This led them to a successful business on Amazon – and a desire to help others who were also trying to establish successful online businesses.

My Fulfillment Team can fulfill orders for any eCommerce platform.

Custom Description & FAQs

My Fulfillment Team offers warehousing and prep services as well as shipping.

Ship products directly to us. You can place an online order from your favorite store and have it sent directly to us, or give our address to the manufacturer you're working with. Easy!

We are a fully operational storage facility that can store your items at a fraction of the cost of Amazon's long term Storage fees.

Inspect, label, bundle as needed. We understand how important it is to prepare items properly to prevent breakage and to meet Amazon requirements.

Carefully box for shipment. We use sturdy boxes and know how to package your items to minimize breakage and maximize space.

Direct to warehouse or customer. This flexibility means we can ship on your behalf to Amazon (or another marketplace) - or even ship directly to a customer.

On-demand shipment for eBay and eCommerce, when you need a prompt, reliable shipping service for order fulfillment.

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