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Who Are We? LDR – Logistics Done Right. We provide best in class 3rd party logistics services and software for small and medium online businesses, offering a competitive edge traditionally available only to much larger retailers.

Problem Worth Solving

Traditional retailers, online or physical, operate massive logistics and fulfillment networks. These supply chains enable them to stay competitive with pricing, improved last-mile delivery, and adapt to ever-changing consumer demands.

Small and medium business retailers and distributors have a growing need for competitive supply chain solutions, especially as world markets transition away from physical retail into e-commerce. It is often too time-consuming and costly for online small and medium business retailers to have your own warehouse or employees, especially for etailers based outside North America.

Cross-border movement of goods further complicates this issue where returned products are concerned. Our service cuts down on shipping cost, time, and mistakes for small and medium business online retailers.

Many etailers require “forwarding” or “prep” solutions traditionally provided by larger freight companies. In the last 5 years ,the global market for forwarding has increased by 30% year over year. However, larger traditional forwarding companies struggle to meet or understand the demands of small and medium business etailers.

But don't worry, we're here to help.

Custom Description & FAQs

We provide a quick, easy and affordable way to manage their shipments from overseas and domestically. We are essentially a staffing solution backed by an advantageous location and proprietary inventions which give us our x-factor.

We provide a strategically located warehouse to receive deliveries and then forward them to end- buyers, distributors, and fulfillment centers. We provide an agile warehouse which can adapt to the fast-pace that businesses require and assist them with local and regional knowledge they often lack. Based in Ohio, we’re able to ship to 90% of North America in 2 days at no additional cost, eliminating the need for dozens of fulfillment centers scattered across the US.

Our proprietary software and processes are specially designed to adapt to your business, enabling us to provide a higher level of service for small and medium business etailers than traditional forwarding and prep companies. Our solution allows small and medium business etailers to compete with much larger companies.

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