About This Company

The one-stop shipping solution for your business

If you have a single shipment or process hundreds a day, we have a shipping solution for you. Whether it's international express, freight, or E-Commerce, we've got the global scale and leading software to get your shipment where it needs to be. It's our business.
Reliability is incredibly important, for your business and for your customers. It's even more crucial when you're dealing with high volumes, a wide range of goods and global deliveries. We've invested millions in webship+, our proprietary software platform so you have access to the right shipping solution for all your needs, all of the time.

We understand that having options is important. That’s why we work with multiple carriers around the world, so you can find one that meets your unique requirements. From international parcels to freight to E-Commerce support, we’ll coordinate it all so you don’t have to.

Are you achieving global reach for your E-Commerce business? Are you selling into lucrative world markets? InXpress is the largest worldwide reseller of DHL Express services for international parcels. People everywhere want your products, and our great rates and modern technology can help grow your cross border sales.

If you want help growing your business in new, cross border markets visit our E-Commerce Integration website and add DHL to your shopping cart.

Cross border shipping for online sellers - Help your E-Commerce business soar in global markets with our world-class automated shipping tool.