Service Description

Cartology excels at providing a service focused channel management option for Amazon that actually involves customized strategy.

We work with brands to help them sell more products on the Amazon marketplace based on our experience and knowledge of the marketplace across several different categories. Full service means we help you get your products from the manufacturer, able to connect you with the right one, all the way until it hits your customers hands. After they receive the product, we're also helping make sure their experience is a positive one so you can focus on growing the brand overall.

We're passionate about serving people and seeing them succeed.

Company Introduction

Cartology was founded back in 2016, after the owner Michael Maher was pivoting away from being an ecommerce seller himself. There was a need for services for brands on Amazon and so Cartology was born to help provide such services.

We are a 100% remote team comprised of people all across the world. You get a full team of experts in their field when you decide to work with us.

Custom Description & FAQ

Cartology offers customized Amazon services for SMB brands and agencies. We’re prepared to take on clients wherever they are on their e-commerce journey. As a full-service agency, we’re equipped with global thinkers geared towards providing long-term solutions.


We work with a diverse pool of brands to create the results they’re looking for. Perhaps you have a brand with an established story but don’t have a presence on Amazon, or maybe you do but are experiencing a drop-off in sales. Our team can help you troubleshoot any issue you’re facing and devise a comprehensive approach that ensures we cover all your bases, now and going forward.

We’re a small business committed to growing and serving other SMBs. Having gone through the process of building something from the ground up, we understand the unique challenges that come with creating a successful operation, and we bring the expertise and know-how to take brands from zero to multiple millions of dollars in sales. Creating a sustainable business that generates revenue long after we implement a strategy requires more than tactics alone. Through our tailored recommendations and dedicated account management, we provide hands-on care and fully managed services. We see our work with you as building the future of your business.


We’ve spent time creating the right processes and finding the right people to take on the complex Amazon ecosystem. In place of time and cost-intensive solutions like internal hires or building out an Amazon advertising department, we can easily provide turnkey solutions or act as a plugin to your current operation. On top of generating more revenue for your clients, we can also help you win more business by identifying overlooked opportunities. You’ll receive the same level of attention and care we provide independent clients with the scale of service an agency requires. It’s a win-win-win situation.

Client Requirements

We're looking for Small to Medium sized brands that see Amazon as a big opportunity and want to tap into it. We generally need brands to be able to commit to regular ad spend, with a base budget of anywhere from $2-5k, which changes per category. Ads are what help drive the business forward and create growth and visibility.

Pricing & Budget

We are not the cheapest but we are also not the most expensive. We strongly believe in every client we bring on, so not everyone ends up being a good match for us if we aren't confident on the market or the product. We also believe in our skill set to help you succeed on Amazon so we make sure that is reflected in our pricing.

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611 Shepherd Drive. #18 Cincinnati, OH 45215

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