Service Description

Smarter Shipping Solutions

3P Shipping is a E-Commerce fulfillment company. We provide storage, pick, pack and shipping services to small and medium size online sellers. We also prepare goods to be sent to Amazon. We save businesses time and money so that they can focus on growing their business.

Our multiple variables make sure we provide the best available prices to our customers. We also welcome large established businesses and have the full capacity to handle all orders. No volume is too small or too large for us. Connect your business to 3P Shipping.


Our Advantages

✓ Quick turnaround and same-day shipping on all orders

✓ Customized plans to ship anything, anywhere in the most cost-effective manner

✓ Amazon Prep services on demand

✓ Extended customer service hours any day of the week via email, text, or phone

✓ Personalized services fashioned on your order needs

✓ Integration with a majority of online marketplaces

✓ Tracking information readily available on 3P Shipping’s proprietary platform

✓ Team of dedicated employees for each customer

About This Company

- 3PL
- Efulfillment Service
- E-Commerce Warehouse
- Shopify Fulfilment Service
- Third Party Fulfilment
- Warehousing & Fulfillment Service

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