Helium 10 vs. Perpetua – Which Tool Is the Best Choice for Amazon Sellers?

If you want to become a successful Amazon seller or grow your existing Amazon business, Amazon seller tools can be a huge game changer. For pretty much any task on Amazon, there is an Amazon seller tool that will support you. 

In this blog post, we will take a closer look at Helium 10 and Perpetua – two very powerful and popular Amazon seller tools.

Need help to decide what the right choice is for you? Read on to find the answers you’ve been looking for!

Which Features Do Helium 10 and Perpetua Offer?

Both tools offer a variety of features. It’s difficult to compare them with each other, as they both concentrate on different things and offer a very different approach. But they also have a few things in common, which is why you should base your decision on your individual needs.

With around 20 different tools, Helium 10 covers almost every need an Amazon seller may have. Their primary focus is on product research and helping Amazon sellers making better buying decisions. But the suite also includes tools to analyze profitability, manage inventory and marketing.

Perpetua on the other hand focuses mostly on PPC automation and less on beginners’ tasks. Their artificial intelligence (AI) algorithms are designed to optimize ad targeting and bids and get more sales with less ad spend. The tools are more comprehensive and detailed as the ones provided by Helium 10.

If you are looking for an all-in-one tool that covers everything from product inventory management, product research to PPC, then Helium 10 is definitely your go-to.

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Let’s have a look at the features in more detail:

Helium 10 Features

Helium 10 is a bundle of tools that make selling on Amazon a lot easier. Here are some of the areas and tools Helium 10 covers:

  • Product Research – Helium 10’s product research tools like Black Box, Trendster and Xray are built to help you quickly find products to sell on Amazon and grow your business with powerful analytics and advanced smart filters.
  • Keyword Research – To rank higher in the search results and get more listing views, tools like Cerebro, Magnet and Misspellinator will help you discover high-volume keywords and provide detailed competitor data so you immediately know their potential.
  • Operations – The Amazon business is not only about selling products! With tools like Refund Genie and Inventory Protector that provide seamless automations, money-saving reminders and real-time data you can simplify your daily tasks and maximize your time.
  • Analytics – With analytics tools like Profits, Market Tracker and Keyword Tracker you know what really matters to your business! Use them before making important business decisions. 
  • Marketing – Marketing tools like Adtomic and Portals will bring you ahead of your competition with direct traffic targeting and ad campaigns

Perpetua Features

Perpetua is mostly an advertising optimization tool based on AI and machine learning. They are experts on Amazon DSP and video advertising. Here are some of their features:

  • Amazon Advertising Software – Drive sales and grow the visibility of your products with Perpetua’s optimization and intelligence software for Amazon Ads. Use it to easily create, launch and optimize Sponsored Ads in seconds. Focus on strategy with profitability tracking, metrics on total spend, total sales, blended ACOS and organic sales across Sponsored Ads and Amazon DSP.
  • Managed Services -Perpetua offers managed services by their experts to help you plan, develop and implement DSP campaigns. 
  • Optimization Software – The Amazon optimization software DSP ad engine lets you quickly build orders, generate line items and efficiently scale ROAS.
  • Video Advertising – The video tool helps you create product videos.

Important NoteSellics Is Now Part of Perpetua!

Sellics joined forces with Perpetua. By combining two big players it has become an even more powerful platform in the industry. In order to provide the most value, over time more and more features will be available to the joint user base.

Who Is Each Tool Most Suitable For?

As they are so different, the target audience of both tools differs, too.

  • Helium 10 – Helium 10 is aimed at Amazon and Walmart sellers. It’s mostly suitable for new Amazon sellers, as the available tools mostly focus on tasks that usually occur in the beginning of the Amazon seller journey. It’s ideal for sellers with a growing inventory. 
  • Perpetua – If you are looking for a sophisticated marketing software, then Perpetua is a great choice. It’s perfect for Ecommerce brands and private-label sellers who advertise online. PPC managers at agencies, marketers at brands and Amazon & Walmart sellers will really benefit from this tool.

How Much Do Helium 10 and Perpetua Cost?

Both tools offer a number of different pricing plans to choose from, depending on your individual needs and the stage of your seller journey. 

Here are some details on the pricing plans of each tool:

Helium 10 Pricing

Helium 10 offers 4 pricing plans and a custom model:

  • Starter – The basic account costs you 29 USD per month.
  • Platinum – According to the website, this is the most popular plan. It’s available at 84 USD per month.
  • Diamond – If you want full access to all of the available features, the Diamond plan for 209 USD a month may be what you are looking for.
  • Elite – Elite offers more features like in-person workshops and online training for 399 USD per month. It’s aimed at advanced sellers looking to scale rapidly. 
  • Custom –  Custom plans and solutions may be discussed upon request.

PRO TIPYou Can Upgrade Your Plan Anytime!

Your plan can be upgraded anytime. So that means if you start with the "Starter" plan but soon realize it doesn't provide everything you want, simply upgrade to another plan.

Perpetua Pricing

Just like Helium 10, Perpetua offers different pricing plans:

  • Starter – The starter plan is available for 250 USD per month up to 5,000 USD in monthly ad spend. It includes 1 retail media platform.
  • Growth – For up to 10,000 in monthly ad spend, the fee is 550 USD per month. It includes 2 retail media platforms.
  • Pro – The pro plan allows up to 200,000 USD in monthly ad spend and unlimited retail media platforms. It’s available for 550 USD per month plus a percentage of your ad spend.
  • Enterprise – There is a custom pricing for businesses with over 2000,000 USD in monthly ad spend and unlimited retail media platforms.

While Perpetua is generally quite expensive, it needs to be mentioned that the basic account offers a wide range of features that many other basic plans don’t include.

Helium 10 is less costly. It also provides different pricing levels but if you don’t get the most expensive plan, you may be missing out on a lot of important features. 

A huge plus is that Helium 10 offers a free trial account that lets you use the tools for free for a certain amount of time. With Perpetua you have to invest before you can try out the features, which of course can be a risk.

Important NoteDon't Focus Too Much on the Price!

Of course you don't want to spend a huge amount of money each month, but when picking a tool the price shouldn't be the factor that you value the most.

What Kind of Support Do Helium 10 or Perpetua Offer?

Both tools provide training sessions and webinars to help you with your Amazon seller journey. However, unlike Perpetua, Helium 10 only offers limited customer support. There’s no phone line or live chat widget to inquire with, only support tickets. 

Perpetua offers a chat widget with a fairly short reply time that will help you out with any questions you may have.

Conclusion: Both Tools Are Great – The Right Choice Depends on Your Business’ Needs!

Both Amazon seller tools are great tools and there is no better one. In the end, it’s a matter of which is a better fit for you and your business and what you really need.

If you are looking for an all-in-one solution, Helium 10 is perfect for you. It provides all the tools that you need to get started with your Amazon seller journey. You should be aware that there is somewhat of a steep learning curve – It takes time to get to know all tools to be able to use them all efficiently and really benefit from them.

If you are looking for a tool that will assist you with your advertising measures, then Perpetua is definitely a tool you should try out.

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