About This Company

The OFX Global Currency Account gives online sellers a powerful yet simple way to manage their marketplace and website revenue.
Manage your global cash flow with ease and give your online business the advantage of competitive exchange rates and a single view of accounts, balances, and transfers.
OFX offers Amazon Sellers and other Marketplace sellers, free international virtual bank accounts so that they can collect revenues from other countries they are selling internationally and reduce the 3.5% fee that Amazon and other marketplaces charge you when you sell in a foreign country and then repatriate your funds back to your home country. So if you are based in Europe and selling in the US, for every $100,000 USD you make on the US platform, you will be charged $3,500 when you disperse those back to Europe in EURs.

There are no fees with OFX, we just charge a much smaller margin than other platforms so you keep more of your revenue. We have helped move over $100 Billion for a million clients and could be saving you time and money as well. It takes 20 minutes to sign up.

OFX provides the following services:

Spot Transfers - Simple, fast transfers at today’s rate
Limit Orders – Transfer funds at a rate you nominate
Forward Contracts – Use today’s currency rate for a future transfer
API – Streamline your international mass payments
Global Currency Account – View and manage multiple currency accounts for online sellers.
Daily Market Commentary – Active market commentary delivered to your inbox
On the ground, expert personal service
Global reach and relationships