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Brands and sellers interested in utilizing AI powered automation and machine learning to improve their Amazon and Walmart advertising performance will benefit from using Teikametrics.


Can Teikametrics effectively decrease/reduce my ACoS? - Yes

What is a good ACOS? - We have charts explaining where your ACOS should be, based primarily off the lifecycle stage of the product and your margins

Can Teikametrics help me increase my sales? - Yes

Will Teikametrics help me discover new keywords - Yes

Will Teikametrics automatically make changes to my account for me? - Once you set the automation parameters, yes

Company Introduction

Teikametrics empowers third-party sellers with the data science to maximize profits from Amazon Advertising. Our Retail Optimization Platform, Flywheel, leverages seller sales and advertising data to optimize overall business performance by combining algorithmic bidding, overall profitability reporting, and product-level profit data. All of this is packaged in a simple user interface and available for free for the first thirty days.

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Teikametrics is a SaaS company providing AI-powered technology + managed services to optimize advertising on Amazon and Walmart

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