Service Description

The Commerce People is a leading eCommerce services and technology company helping brands to generate more sales, increase their visibility, and drive business growth on their Amazon and Shopify stores.

We offer eCommerce digital advertising campaign management and Amazon marketing services, alongside our award-winning eCommerce performance reporting and analytics technology called Ignite - a single-source reporting tool across Amazon, Social, Google, Shopify and WooCommerce.

Our unique blend of expertise and technology helps brands scale their digital sales channels.

About This Company

We grow your digital sales channels through a unique blend of expertise and technology.

- Our award-winning technology, Ignite, is unique: We integrate multiple eCommerce sources into one dashboard for Amazon, Facebook, and Google Advertising alongside Sales data from your Amazon, WooCommerce and Shopify analytics PLUS our proprietary Amazon Search analytics.

- Meaning we can leverage omni-channel data via one platform to scale your digital sales channels.

- Our team of accredited PPC experts ( across Amazon Ads, Google, and Meta Business Suite ), powered by Ignite, allows us to unlock better eCommerce Sales and Advertising performance for your business.

- Using the full picture analytics of Ignite, we trend and monitor your eCommerce advertising and eCommerce sales performance to provide regular reports WITH action-based recommendations.

- Helping brands grow by up to 180% in sales in a MoM period

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