About This Company

Sellozo provides the leading suite of management and optimization tools for Amazon Sellers – powered by real data.

Sellozo is a platform that optimizes and manages PPC advertising for Amazon sellers. We increase sales and lower your ACoS by FULLY automating your Amazon Sponsored Product Ad campaigns. We also feature helpful dashboard views so you can track your True Profit of your business down to the product level. On the average, sellers using the Sellozo Ad Automation service have seen a profit increase up to 70%.


Automation of keyword identification and manual campaign launching
Automation of Daily bid adjustments
Tagging of products to bulk launch campaigns by season or category
Advanced and easy to use Search Term insights and Activity Logs
Dayparting (scheduling times or days for ads to run), bulk update, cloning and edit of campaigns
Custom linking between Autos to Manuals, Manuals to Manuals
Automation of Negative Keywords
Automation of Product Targeting Campaigns
And MORE....

We automate the tedious stuff, analyze a wealth of data, and package it all up into intuitive reporting and tools, backed by exceptional support, that you can use:

Be a better, more profitable Seller with intelligent, data-driven tools.

Sellozo is your Amazon Growth Platform.

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