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RPGECOM is a leading Amazon Marketing Services Agency established to provide a warm home for anyone looking to take part in the world’s largest online trading platform – Amazon! We offer any individual, business or company professional Amazon consulting, assistance, and management services. Our team consists of the best experts in the field who provide a range of comprehensive services and solutions for successful selling on Amazon.

First and foremost, we’re experienced Amazon FBA sellers, who live and breathe Amazon the past several years. Today, more than ever, we have in depth understanding of the correct and profitable decision-making processes, needed to set up a successful store on Amazon. We know how Amazon shoppers think and behave, and how this all manifests itself in Amazon’s unique technology shopping experience.

In addition to our experience in trading on Amazon US, Canada, European countries, Japan and Australia, we are proud to have an extensive network with first-class service providers from all over the world. This network of strategic collaborations allows us to offer you the latest in any complementary service or solution in the world and pave the way to successful and profitable online trading on Amazon.

Company Introduction

RPGECOM LTD was founded in 2019 by Guy Heretz, Pavel Biryukov and Pavel Khazanov who invested and built stores in Amazon since 2015. During the years between 2015-2019 we realized that the knowledge we earned and the capabilities we gained can be used by far more people, and we decided to start spreading the vast knowledge we have. Over the past year and a half since the company was founded we have grown exponentially, and today we have already 35 dedicated employees, in several different departments, providing service in almost every aspect imaginable on Amazon.

Custom Description & FAQ

As Amazon services providers, we have embraced a number of guiding principles we act upon and reflect in each and every one of our projects.

First, we believe that selling on Amazon is a puzzle and a complex of multiple elements that are different from any other well-known ecommerce or conventional trade in the world. The success in the platform goes through in-depth preliminary research, building tailored-made strategies and uncompromising adherence to the professionalism we provide to our clients, emphasizing reliability, transparency and realistic objectives and performance.

Second, as Amazon is a rare opportunity to build a thriving business, it also poses many obstacles, legal conditions, and growing competition, so it is important for us to build a healthy, prosperous store for each customer that best reflects their predetermined needs and goals, avoiding mistakes that may come from lack of knowledge of the platform.

In addition, we believe that everything we do must be done in the most professional manner without shortcuts. From building strategy and product selection, through creating and setting up the store, to the actually selling and shipping the product to the end customer. Throughout the work process, we provide only services, advanced marketing and advertising solutions that are based on proven and successful methods, which we have developed over the years, and are currently teaching and lecturing in courses and workshops.

And finally, whether you are a private entrepreneur who strives to establish a private brand on Amazon, or if you are an experienced business or company, you are always, but always, the center for us. We believe that uncompromising, enveloping, understanding and professional customer service is not only a must for us, but also the essence of our existence.

We would love to infect you with our Amazon “bug” and passion for success, we are at your service!

Certifications & Awards

Amazon SPN certification
managing stores with a total worth of over a 15 million dollar a year.

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bershevsky St 33, Rishon LeTsiyon, Israel

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