Service Description

Get reimbursed for over 19 different types of mistakes Amazon FBA makes on your account!

Don't let the managing of FBA shipment orders overwhelm you. Our account auditors review errors and file claims on your behalf. We at Refunds Manager track cases from start to finish, ensuring that your account is credited the money that 
Amazon owes.

About This Company

We Resolve The Highest Number of FBA Issues:

01.Transaction Reconciliation

02. Destroyed Items

03.Restocking Fees

04. Customer Refund Overages

05. Missing Order Credits

06. Damaged Shipments

07. Weight and Dimension Fees

08. Commission Fees

09. Warehouse Losses

10. Customer Replacements

11. Missing Reimbursements

12. Inventory Adjustments

13. Shipment Stock Counts

14.Returned Inventory Errors


16. Damaged Returns

17. Missing Removal Orders

18. Inaccurate Reimbursements

19. Inaccurate Order Refunds

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