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ProxiFS provides all major services for ecommerce fulfillment for both DTC and BTB. All major platforms are serviced including Amazon, Shopify, WooCommerce and many more.
Proxi also offers FBA prep services, returns processing, packaging design, light assembly and many more services.

Company Introduction

Proxi prides themselves in finding solutions to our clents' needs. With over 15 years of logistics experience we encompass technology and a proven process to increase productivity and gain efficiencies. Proxi offers a streamlined approach where people and technology merge to form operational excellence.

Custom Description & FAQs

Proxi specializes in assisting startups and ecommerce companies by providing a virtual workforce that offers product receiving, storage, pick pack and shipping. However, many of our client's utilize Proxi for specific services unique to their needs. For example, FBA prep, QC inspections, kitting and assembly, packaging and much more. Our client's may need the services all year or just once a month. It's that flexibility that puts the client first.

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Client Requirements

ProxiFS takes pride on being flexible – and that includes the volumes we work with. We work with smaller eCommerce companies who have a handful of orders a day, as well as customers who routinely have over 1,000 orders a day. Like the name implies, Proxi acts as a virtual warehouse and labor team member assisting their clients in both day to day operations as well as ad hoc projects that arise while scaling your business.
ProxiFS also offers special programs for start-up businesses to help them scale at a rate that is unique to their business.

Pricing & Budget

Proxi offers both customized and packaged plans depending on the size and needs of the business.

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