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We have started this journey to become the No. 1 go-to creative agency for Amazon sellers, dropshippers, Shopify store owners and small businesses worldwide.

We thrive to make a difference and it always puts a huge smile on our faces to see an email or comment from a satisfied partner.

A couple of years ago we had our first project with a small company. They said ‘wow’… Since then we haven’t stopped chasing those moments. This keeps us growing and provides the fuel on our journey.

It is extremely important for us – just as for you – to always go the extra mile for our customers and get honest referrals and 5-star reviews.

Please take a look at one of our cases to learn more about a success story.

Company Introduction

OCEAN PANDA CREATIVE was founded in 2017. It has started with 2 friends recording product videos, but soon needed to expand do to the high demand for Amazon and E-commerce services. Since then we have grown to be a team of 12 enthusiastic e-commerce fans.

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OCEAN PANDA CREATIVE offers product videography, product photography and content creation services. . We are Ocean Panda Creative, a passionate team consisting of accredited marketing and e-commerce professionals.

Our mission is to help those brave individuals, couples, families who decided to start something on their own, something they are passionate about.

We stand for values that represent freedom, creativity and sustainability.

Ocean Panda is here to make a difference and help your dreams come true.

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When starting to work with a new customer, we always make sure to ask the right questions. One of these crucial questions is the medium and context our work is going to be used in. In case of Rektec it was an Amazon listing.

Listing photos on Amazon have strict requirements such as white background, a visible product and 1:1 ratio. Furthermore, the product video we have shot needed to explain the details of the product and the simplicity of its use. There is no second chance on Amazon.

See all our success stories in our portfolio:

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    June 17, 2020 at 6:02 pm

    Thank you so much guys for all your help, we really appreciate it. Working with you guys on our brand means we can focus on what we are good at, making great products that help others. 🙂 – Oliver from Rektec

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