Service Description

Working with us YOU WILL:
1. Increase product sales by 20-50%
2. Beat competitors.
3. Avoid issues with printing.
4. Receive consistent and beautiful visual branding.
5. Own copyrights to artworks we create on your project.
6. Have customer support 7 days a week.

Company Introduction

We are 👨‍💻 graphic design and visual branding agency from Ukraine.

We help Amazon sellers:
1. Create a visual brand identity that makes their products STAND OUT among other listings.
2. Stick to the budget and/or decrease expenses.
3. Launch products according to the timeline and/or outpace the schedule.
4. Improve communication with supplier and printing agency.
5. Taking your vision and generating original ideas.

How WE DO that:
1. Hire Mid-Senior experts working as one project team to ensure quality within the budget & timeline.
2. Provide free consultation about brand consistency and printing processes.
3. Cooperate with a supplier and/or printing agency.
4. Use the latest Adobe software.
5. Plan & monitor the project by using latest time management and task tracking tech tools/practices.

Custom Description & FAQs

Design of brand identity, logo, packaging, infographics (graphic design), photography & videography.

Certifications & Awards

Some Works on Amazon:

Pricing & Budget

Our prices are negotiated individualy, thus clients could reach their goal within the best budget.

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