Service Description

We provide tools to that make managing Amazon Vendor much easier.

1) Reduce Manual effort entering, accepting POs
2) Generate the relevant labels, barcodes, SSCC and LPR codes for Vendor Central
3) Become EDI, LPR Compliant across all your Vendor central accounts

+ Automated order handling, reporting, forecasting, purchasing reports and more!

Company Introduction

We are a family business, and love working with all the people we partner with.

We were founded nearly 20 years ago, when Dr Stephen Khoo, with a PhD in Engineering, decided to move into software for growing companies. We formed KhooSystems ( which now supports a large range of businesses with their online presence.

KhooCommerce is one of our latest projects that helps Amazon vendors streamline their order processing. We work closely with you, on site, to make sure that your operations will run smoother and easily with the day-to-day Vendor tasks, allowing you to grow and scale.

Custom Description & FAQ

If you're frustrated with Amazon Vendor and EDI then we'd love to hear from you. Our platform is really unique in the UK in particular, and if you're looking for a partner that can support with technical projects and optimising your Amazon Processes we'd love to hear from you.

Things we normally hear:
- How does this work with our current systems?
A: We can work with practically any internal system you have. We need a stock feed and a way of passing back an invoice. We partner with your internal IT teams to make sure they are in control of the whole process.

- How much does it cost?
A: Every project is unique. But you can read a broad schema of pricing here:

- What are the main benefits?
A: 1) Save time processing orders manually. 2) Reduce shortage claims 3) Increase shipment efficiency

- Why you?
A: When you call us, you get joy-filled, caring support. We want to help you solve a problem and have fun working with you together on a solution. You'll get dedicated account management and commitment in all we do.

Certifications & Awards

We have received a number of Awards:

UK eCommerce Innovation Award 2019 - Shortlisted
Developer of the Year 2019 - Stephen Khoo - Finalist

Client Requirements

Usually our clients are Amazon Vendors that are spending a lot of manual resource in handling POs, making ASNs and raising Invoices.

We don't have a minimum size, but normally your turnover with Amazon will be >£250K per year.

However if you have a problem with Vendor central, large or small, it would be great to hear from you.

Pricing & Budget

Every project is different, but we primarily want to find a solution that works well for you.

There is usually some setup we have to do connecting you to Amazon, some training and systems integrations. This is normally a few days' worth of work charged per day.

We also provide ongoing support and account management. You can get a feel for that here:

Locations by Country

Rift House, 200 Eureka Park, Upper Pemberton,, Kennington, Ashford TN25 4AZ

Spoken Languages
Coupon Code

We have some resources to help you track your time spent on each task - if you complete the excel Gantt chart we will offer you up to £1000 off your sign up fee.

If you're based in the UK - say you found us through Sermondo and we will arrange a site visit to discuss your needs!

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