Service Description

If you're frustrated with Amazon Vendor then we'd love to hear from you. Our platform is unique and

Things we normally hear:
- How does this work with our current systems?
A: We can work with practically any internal system you have. We need a stock feed and a way of passing back an invoice. We partner with your internal IT teams to make sure they are in control of the whole process.

- How much does it cost?
A: Every project is unique. But you can read a broad schema of pricing here:

- What are the main benefits?
A: 1) Save time processing orders manually. 2) Reduce shortage claims 3) Increase shipment efficiency

- Why you?
A: Our platform is unique, so that's the main reason people choose our product. But when you work with us, you also get our joy-filled, caring support. We want to help you solve a problem and work with you together on a solution. You'll get dedicated account management and commitment in all we do.

About This Company

We provide tools to that make managing Amazon Vendor much easier.

1) Reduce Manual effort entering, accepting POs
2) Generate the relevant labels, barcodes, SSCC and LPR codes for Vendor Central
3) Become EDI, LPR Compliant across all your Vendor central accounts

+ Automated order handling, reporting, forecasting, purchasing reports and more!

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