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Why should I outsource my customer service, and what does Ice's email customer service include?

So you’ve decided to expand your business to new international marketplaces: one of the many hurdles involved is answering buyers’ questions in their native language. Prompt native language responses will result in higher customer satisfaction and feedback. By using ICE’s Multilingual Email Customer service team for your business you can save yourself the time and trouble of finding and hiring specialised foreign language staff. In addition, ICE covers your needs whether you need a few minutes or many hours of Customer Service per day. Best of all, you only pay for the minutes you use.


What makes InterCultural Elements different from translation companies?

First of all we offer much more than just translation. Our breadth of services include translation, localisation, listing tool integration & services, marketplace expertise & consultation, market research, e-mail customer service, Global Returns and Amazon Scout.

Furthermore we focus solely on e-commerce translations, meaning our translators are also experts on search term optimisation. Catering to e-commerce sellers means we understand your business and won’t charge you for duplicate descriptions and discount repetitious titles.

Human Review Machine Translation (HRMT or “human review”) is a second level of translation ICE offers for qualifying projects. The top two advantages over our full level of translation include faster timelines and reduced pricing, however this method does not work for all projects and is determined on a case by case basis.

About This Company


With InterCultural Elements’s (ICE) deep dive consultation, an ICE expert researches and analyses your company, collects data needed to construct an international expansion strategy, customised to your individual needs.

This in-depth e-commerce expansion consultation includes:

► Interview with seller
► Investigation of workflows and systems
► Account status & efficiency checkup
► Sales analysis per country & marketplace
► Growth opportunities assessment
► Live item & listing evaluation
► Feed inspection (both into and out of your listing tool)
► Strategy development for account improvements

The findings and suggestions developed by your ICE expert are delivered in an official report or presentation including:

- Best practice recommendations
- Listing tool advice
- Internal workflow and systems adjustments
- International expansion strategy with countries and marketplaces



InterCultural Elements is a part of the Amazon Solution Provider Network and a recognised partner of

In order to maintain excellent performance rates, our multilingual e-mail customer service team work with you to establish procedures for your domestic and international accounts. We then monitor your account health and proactively suggest improvements by:

► Replying to emails
► Monitoring feedback
► Managing cases and claims
► Checking performance notifications

1 - Multilingual

German / French / Spanish / Italian / English / Dutch

2 - Cost Effective & Flexible

- Only pay for the minutes you use
- No need to pay for recruitment, hiring, training, sick & holiday pay
- Add languages according to your needs

3 - Efficient

- Enquiries answered directly by your ICE customer service team
- Prompt native language responses
- Higher customer satisfaction and positive feedback ratings



All of ICE’s professional, native-speaking translators are specialised in E-commerce translation and localisation. Your listings will be accurate, appealing and search-optimised to make sure the right customers are finding your products — and buying them. ICE doesn’t charge for duplicate descriptions and we discount repetitive texts.

► Professional, e-commerce specialised translation
- Proofreading by native speaking translators
- Titles are “recreated” for optimised integration
- Search terms and titles are optimised (SEO)
- Lower translation costs: duplicate text is free and repetitive text is discounted
- Machine translation with human review for qualified projects

► Localisation of your Listings

“It’s not only what is said but how it’s said.” Therefore, ICE localises your products, optimising your categories, search terms, item specifics and attributes for your target countries. With high attention to detail, texts are accurately localised to fit market and customer needs, increasing your visibility and sales.

- Consultation on which items to list where and when
- Conversion of sizes, measurements, and weights
- Remapping of categories, browse nodes, item specifics and attributes
- How best to convert your prices and adapt your shipping rates
- Which payments methods are best for each country
- Contact information for legal and tax partners
- Advice on how to stay ahead of competition

► E-commerce Website Translation

Keep your multilingual website content translated, consistent and up to date:

- Reducing translation and management costs significantly
- Enabling regularly planned and transparent translation cycles
- Optimising your multilingual E-commerce website content

Languages available for Full Human Translation:

Dutch / English / French / German / Italian / Japanese / Polish / Portuguese / Spanish / Swedish

Languages for Human Review Machine Translation:

English / French / German / Italian / Spanish



Our Account Management and Customer Service teams work together with you to create a targeted plan of action, specific to your case.

If you’re struggling with an Amazon Account Suspension for negative feedback, claims, slow response time, broken items or bad quality listings, we can help you fix the problem and help you start selling again.

First, we get to the root of the problem through Amazon account analysis. We find out exactly why you were suspended by investigating specific feedback, reports, and the suspension letter. Then we get to work on helping you get your account reinstated.

Your customised Amazon reinstatement solution may include:

► Inspection and clean up of listings
► Quality native speaker translations
► Localisation of sizes, measurements, and weights
► ICE customer service
► Returns solution advice
► Packaging upgrade
► Account management



ICE's Multilingual Digital Marketing strategies enable your business to increase international traffic. ICE’s native, e-commerce-versed account managers are Google certified, as well as trained to create and implement PPC campaigns to drive traffic to your website/storefront, boost conversion rates and cultivate your online brand presence in different countries.

With our multilingual team, we help your products be found by customers in your target markets.

Why should ICE manage your international PPC Campaigns?

- 10+ years experience expanding sellers worldwide
- E-commerce experts from 10+ countries
- 30+ in-house team members working for you
- 10000+ international expansion projects completed
- ∞ PPC campaign proficiency

How we do it

► Competitor spend analysis
► Consultation on the best campaign strategy including budget size & target audience
► Identifying potential keywords
► Setting up your PPC campaigns
► Tracking conversions
► Ongoing campaign optimization and reporting

Supported languages:

English (UK/US) / German / French / Italian / Spanish



InterCultural Elements is a part of the Amazon Solution Provider Network.

Look no further for a simple, cost effective & reliable international returns solutions for online sellers in Europe, USA & Canada.

Once registered, our trusted partner provides you with local returns addresses. Your customers can send their returns at their own cost or if needed you can generate a postage paid label which buyers can use.

There are no minimum or maximum volumes. Global Returns consolidates your returned items and ships them all at once to save you money, leaving you with a higher profit margin and customer satisfaction. With a small monthly account fee, you’d have access to local return addresses and label solutions.

Contact us and turn your international returns into a positive experience for both your customers and your company.

Global Returns helps you to:

► Save money on international returns
► Save time on admin tasks such as customer service, emails, etc.
► Improve customer experience by speeding up the return process
► Comply to marketplace return policies