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We are a western-owned quality assurance and sourcing company from the Dallas, Texas area. While many QA companies are owned by western entities, few are operated out of an English-speaking country. Working with Insight Quality means that you have an English-speaking point of contact when something goes wrong.

Insight Quality was born from our founder’s desire to do QA and sourcing differently. Having worked in sales, management, and a plurality of QA companies, Andy Church was set on bringing an unprecedented value to CPG companies through Insight Quality.

Our experience in real-world business means that we’re not just an inspections or sourcing company – we have the business acumen needed to understand your needs, goals, and operations – Insight Quality is your business partner from start to finish of the product life cycle.

We understand that inspections and sourcing are not one-size-fits-all processes. Working with Insight means that you have a customized program and pricing structure to best suit your unique needs.

Custom Description & FAQs

Consider Insight Quality if you are…

Experiencing quality issues from your existing factory
Need to identify factories to manufacture your idea/product
Needing to quickly implement corrective action plans
Without suitable backup suppliers if there are outages or overwhelming order volumes

At the root of our services and value is our fantastic team. We believe that while products, systems, and processes are vital, people are always number one. We support our team and put them first so that they can put you first!

Insight Quality’s clients spread across North America, Australia and Europe. We operate in US manufacturing as well as in Hong Kong, Shenzhen, Yiwu, and Qingdao.

Coverage Areas

China, Vietnam, Cambodia, Thailand, India, Pakistan, Korea

Languages Spoken

English, Chinese, Bosnian, Croatian, Serbian, Turkish, Spanish

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