Service Description maximizes profits and keeps you in the Buy Box with repricing tools built for sellers who insist on simple setup and hands-on support. Sellers can automate their price changes with a variety of built-in strategies, including our “Get the Buy Box” algorithm that keeps you ahead of the competition, and our Sales Velocity Algorithm for private label listings with no competition at all. If you want to boost revenue and free up time to manage your business, let optimize your prices and use the power of automation to crush your sales goals.



Advanced repricing algorithms with extremely flexible customization to suit your unique business goals
An automated algorithmic repricing strategy designed to win and keep the Buy Box
Private label repricing that aims for your target sales velocity using advanced algorithms
Narrow down your competition by creating custom rules-based repricing strategies
Gather actionable insights with impactful reports outlining your sales data
Integrate your other selling tools into our platform to cut time-consuming steps from your workflows

About This Company

Automatically make more sales with AI-powered repricing:
We provide the fastest repricing strategies powered by AI and machine learning to help sellers like you make more money on Amazon and Walmart.

Repricing Strategies
Reach your goals using the power of Informed AI and automation.

Private Label Repricing
Automatically adjust your prices to account for fluctuations in the market.

API + Integrations
Spend less time on data entry and more time growing your business.

Profit Protection
Advanced features that increase sales while also maximizing profit margins.

Analytics + Reporting
Track important metrics using graphs and charts to visualize profit, sales and more.

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