About This Company

We perform a detailed product quality inspection, verify that the shipment fully confronts to Amazon standards, and we take full responsibility for the delivery of your goods to Amazon warehouse.
LIVE product inspection (LPI)
Allows you to take full control over the inspection process, and three-way communication with the inspector and the supplier makes it possible to address many problems on the spot, without having to wait for the report.

Therefore, the inspection is performed with your remote presence, allowing you to respond quickly to any potential problems with your shipment from anywhere in the world.

Over the past three years we have conducted more than 3000 inspections in China, India, South Korea and Thailand and we have worked out highly effective quality control method.

Our network covers all major industrial regions in China.

Where do we start.
Upon receiving the request for inspection, we coordinate the time of our arrival at the factory with you and the supplier. We suggest to perform quality control inspections in China after the goods are ready for shipment and before 70% payment is made (in case you work with the supplier according to standard payment terms – 30% in advance and 70% after the shipment is ready).

The benefits are obvious: the supplier doesn’t receive payment until the inspection is performed and he is motivated to eliminate all the defects as quickly as possible.

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