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Cosmo Sourcing Makes It Simple to Plan, Find, Make, & Ship Your Next Product From Vietnam And China!

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Simple Sourcing
Simple Sourcing is our core sourcing package, where we will provide you with quotes from great manufacturers. We break the sourcing process into two steps - validation and full sourcing. First, we’ll determine if your product can be made and if it's to your standards and price. Once approved, we’ll move to the full sourcing step. We focus on finding you a great supplier. Simple Sourcing is perfect for our clients who know what they want, product spec sheet, and are ready to go!

Simple Sourcing Plus
Simple Sourcing Plus is designed to make it as easy as possible for FBA sellers and first-time buyers to plan, find, make, and ship their products from China or Vietnam. This service comes with four steps, each of which features a bundle of our services. When bundled, we offer a discount on the individual service so that ultimately you get a complete package at a great cost! Any extra service added to the Simple Sourcing gets 15% off. Note that the first two steps are the same as our Simple Sourcing.

New Product Development
Our New Product Development package structure is similar to our Simple Sourcing but with more flexibility to accommodate more complex products and supply chains. As each project is different, this is based loosely on the Simple Souring Plus process but customized for each project. The flexibility allows us to use additional resources to source raw materials, packaging and work with designers to create specs and much more.

Supplier List + Introductions
The team at Cosmo can create a custom supplier list, based on your product or product range. The list will include full contact information for all factories and then do introductions, typically via email, between you and suitable suppliers. Our team will use a wealth of resources to find all relevant factories' names and then provide the email, phone, website, names of key leaders and salespeople, and more. If requested We'll include critical metrics such as the number of employees, number of factories and business certifications, and more when needed.

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