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Protect Your Brand on Amazon
Defend your Products Against Counterfeiters, Unauthorized Resellers, and Trademark Infringers
Use our Cease & Desist and Test Purchase Processes to Get Sellers Removed Fast

Company Introduction

Will and Laura Land began building their private label phone accessory brands MPERO® and EMPIRE® in 2010. Both brands quickly gained success on Amazon and eBay, as well as several other online marketplaces. The Lands were thrilled with the success of the brands except for one problem, as their products gained velocity and sales rank on Amazon they began to notice unauthorized sellers counterfeiting their products or selling look-a-likes. Their product sales and brand reputation continually suffered due to these unauthorized sellers, counterfeiters, and trademark infringers. Working within Amazon guidelines for dealing with trademark infringement and with the help of their attorney, the Lands developed a system for monitoring, identifying, and reporting unauthorized sellers and getting them removed from their product offerings on Amazon.

The system they created was extremely effective but with over 10,000 SKU's to monitor, the struggle to protect their brands on Amazon became increasingly costly and time consuming. Will and Laura realized that they were not the only brand owners fighting the same fight on Amazon and decided to set out to create a solution to streamline the process. In conjunction with a seasoned developer friend and partner, and their attorney they were able to develop Brandlox.

Brandlox is proprietary software that gives you the ability to monitor and protect your brand on Amazon. Our software will help you identify, manage and report unauthorized sellers all from within a streamlined dashboard, saving you both time and money. Brand protection is possible and with Brandlox, your brands can be 100% claimed and monitored!

Custom Description & FAQs

With consistent monitoring, you’ll be informed the minute an unauthorized seller lists a product on your brand’s ASIN
Dashboard that allows you to view all sellers that are currently active on monitored ASINs
The power to classify sellers as Authorized or Unauthorized
Track MAP Pricing Violations
Get Positive or Negative feedback Alerts
Generate, send, and track highly effective attorney-crafted Cease and Desist letters
Follow-up on counterfeiters and unauthorized seller by generating and tracking test purchases*
File infringement reports on Amazon with ease

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