About This Company


Keyword Research
Leave the time-consuming research of relevant keywords to us! Thus your products appear exactly when prospective customers make a promising search query.

Campaign creation
Create complete campaign structures with just a few clicks to lay the foundation for optimally performing ads. These are automatically synchronized with your Amazon account.

Campaign optimization
Our algorithm automatically recognizes good and bad performing keywords and adjusts their bids. The profitability of the ads is increased many times over by daily adjustments.

Performance evaluation
Always keep an eye on the success of your ads. The clear dashboard as well as your individual report for download show you all important key figures for the evaluation of your campaigns at a glance.

Individual support
In a regular exchange, you can evaluate your ad performance together with our experts to achieve the best possible results with your ads. If you have any questions about the tool, we support you via chat, e-mail and telephone.

Managed Service
Our Managed Service is for sellers, vendors and agencies who want to benefit from the advantages of our tool as well as from our expertise as a competent sparring partner for the Amazon Advertising field:

- all Tool features included
- all Add-ons included (Keyword Research, Restructuring Campaigns, Sponsored Brands and PDA Creation, Customized Functions, ...)
- regular status calls
- strategy consulting and support

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